SIG/STI Minutes

Annual Planning Meeting, 5 November 2001, 2pm

Present: Julie Arnold, Janne Cookman, Darcy Duke, Ruth Fenske, Deborah Helman, Julie Hurd, Scott Lapinski, Molly Moss, Penny O'Connor, K.T. Vaughan.

Introductions were made around the table.

K.T. Vaughan on the slate for Chair (unusual occurrence, but Kay Denfeld, our chair-elect, unfortunately died in an accident this past June). No one on the slate for Chair-Elect (Julie Arnold later was elected at the SIG-STI dinner the next night). Molly Moss on the slate for Secretary/Treasurer. Both K.T. and Molly elected by acclamation. Darcy Duke was appointed new webmaster.

The 7th quadrennial Trisociety symposium will be hosted next year by the Chemistry Division of SLA, June 9/02 in LA. The call for papers was handed out, and is available at: The theme is "Electronic Chemistry Collections: Dealing with Chemistry Resources in Electronic Formats". Proposals are due by January 15, 2002 to:

Marilynn Dunker
The Procter & Gamble Company
6300 Center Hill Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45224

Marilynn Dunker is doing most of the work for this, and our monetary contribution has already been taken care of. We will be hosting this symposium in 2006.

Possible programs for the 2002 Annual Meeting were discussed. The theme for next year's meeting is Knowledge, Connections and Community. (More info at:

Deborah Helman and Molly Moss will be working on a program about scientific digital libraries, possibly to be cosponsored by SIG DL. Possible ideas are something about the National SMETE (science, mathematics, engineering and technology education) Digital Library and the Public Library of Science. (

K.T. Vaughan and Julie Hurd will be working on a program about new publishing models in science, to be cosponsored by SIG PUB. Ideas for speakers include Berkeley, SPARC and BioOne.

Ruth Fenske and Penny O'Connor will be working on a program about digital reference. There was some discussion on how to tie digital reference to Sci-Tech issues, including service and licensing issues, topical collaboration rather than institutional, tech schools where most reference is sci-tech, and 24/7 evidence-based medicine. Possible cosponsors include USE and MED.

SIG PUB is doing a program that we will cosponsor on Ebooks. Deborah Helman and Scott Lapinski are working on this. Some ideas included the interactive CRC handbooks and interactive Chemistry texts.

The deadline for program proposals is February 4, 2002.

We recognized the BIOSIS student award winner who was at the meeting, Janne Cookman. The CAS award winner was Louise Gruenberg of UIUC. She was recognized at the SIG Cabinet Meeting.

There was another call for anyone interested in becoming Chair-Elect, with no one volunteering.

A reminder was given about the 3 programs that SIG STI organized for this conference (Building Digital Repositories: A New Role for Academic Libraries, From Print to Electronic: Studies of Use of Electronic Scientific and Medical Journals, and Genomics, Proteomics and Beyond: Meeting the Information Needs of Bioinformatics Researchers).

We tried to thank Deborah Helman for her work as Chair, but she was too busy talking up the SIG to new members.

Adjourned at 2:45 pm.

31 January 2003