I am not asking for a comprehensive definition. I have yet to come across any definition that does anything more than offer an understanding of social networking in the broadest possible terms. On August 6 of this year for example, the Wikipedia defined social networking as a service that “focuses on the building and verifying of...

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The Special Interest Group for International Information Issues (SIG-III, part of the American Society for Information Science and Technology) maintains this blog as a means for communicating with members, colleagues, and others interested in international information issues -- in other words the global flow of...

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Welcome to the Global Information Village Plaza, or GIVP, space on the SIG-III blog. The 2007 GIVP discussion focuses on social networking in international contexts -- for example, how social networking services differ by country, and how people from diverse cultural backgrounds use social networking services differently. We've posted a number of topics and questions below to spark...

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What is trust?

  • Freedom of information
  • Information should be free flowing in the world
  • In developing countries, people trust the people that they know. Not used to searching for information in formal information sources. Tend to ask people that we know, even with the knowledge that they may not be the expert or an authority.
    response: as a librarian,...
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ASIST 2006
General Discussion

  • Educate and give information about security and privacy problems to patrons;
  • Learn more about trust ourselves;
  • try to understand patrons perspective, cultural and otherwise;
  • People need to be wary of sources -- check facts, even of sources you think are trusted;
  • In creating information systems, ensure...
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What are the key elements of any definition of trust? Also, why talk about it? Why should we as information professionals take an interest (or not take an interest) in discussing trust in information?

Here is an article discussing how trust may be defined:

Grandison, T., and Sloman, M. 2001. A Survey of Trust in...

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How can a person’s trust in information best be measured?

Here is an article to help guide discussion:

Manchala D. W. Trust metrics, models and protocols for electronic commerce transactions, in 18th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems, IEEE, 1998.

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Even a casual review of the literature on trust reveals a cacophony of issues on the subject. From the list below, which one to three issues would you consider most significant
- to you as an information professional
- to you as a consumer of information
when evaluating a website? Why?

- The privacy policy maintained by a website that asks...

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Should online retailers or search engines be deterred from mining usage data from their websites, or from monitoring trends in how Internet users are using the Internet as a whole? Are there benefits to allowing an online retailers or search engine to mine data? If so, how far should these sites be allowed to go in terms of collecting personal data? When should they be required to stop?...

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