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Denise Nagle

  Until we are able to further develop the SIG-IA Web, we will depend on talented and knowledgeable people and organizations already providing valuable IA resources.

We need to have our own facility here. Why not roll up your sleeves and help SIG-IA Web have more of its own resources? Spend a minute or devote a day. Suggest the best links or write a mini white paper. Advance the cause of good information design.

Argus - ACIA
From the authors of the "bible" of AI.
This is a new web site intended to serve as a hub for the Information Architecture (IA) community's nascent standardization movement. Mission

Denise Nagle's wonderful, massive resource was created as part of a research paper on information architecture. This site serves as a resource for students and others involved with information architecture study or practice.

Summary posts from the CHIWEB and SIGIA-L distribution lists generously compiled by Scott Berkun. Pulled from all of the summary postings Scott could find on both archives, over the last 6 months. (Current as of 19 June, 2002).


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