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When local IA groups desire ASIST affiation

by Dick Hill, ASIST


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ASIST is working out a complete response to the needs of local IA groups who may desire some national affiliation. As a temporary solution, we propose the following as way to minimize what you don't want and maximize what you do.

We're looking at this as a trial arrangement to see how it meets our mutual needs before beginnning the process of creating any governance structure, changing bylaws, etc. I'd be happy to receive reactions, thoughts, suggestions, objections and comments. ASIST's immediate desire is to encourage and cooperate with local IA groups.

Where possible and mutually acceptable, we'd like to invite local IA groups to work with existing ASIST chapters. Where there is no ASIST chapter or where working with an existing ASIST chapter isn't desired for whatever reason, we'd like to call local IA groups affiliating with ASIST "Forums." We're using "Forum" so that we don't cause a conflict with chapters we already have.

Two possibile names already discussed in this context are "DC-IA Forum" and "ASIST DC SIGIA Forum." We ask is that there be two ASIST members involved, one as chair and one as "liaison." We certainly encourage all "Forum" members to be ASIST members, but we're not requiring that.

We would like to receive reports on your Forum's activities. Presumably, we can get the announcements from the SIGIA-L Listserver, but we'd like to know how things worked. This isn't just for monitoring and remaining aware; we are also looking at putting up a resources page of best practices and more, including , speaker resources, for example. This may help other local IA groups form and work. (E-mail may be sent to
Dick Hill)

Starting a new group?

A mailing list has also now been created to help people share information on starting and managing local IA groups.

And please let us know so we can list you here eventually.


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