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Growing, diverse, and now world-wide

Over the past year, the SIG-IA at ASIST has come to embrace a growing community of IA practitioners and researchers sharing resources and comparing methodologies. There are many ways to become part of the IA community:

  • the SIG-IA e-list - Most seem to join here first. This lively and friendly forum encourages the active participation of people all levels who are interested in IA

  • SIG-IA Web - Still in our infancy. Why not contribute to what will become a main channel for interactive communication about information architecture.

  • Local IA Groups - Join one meeting near you and be part of a growing network of local, independent organizations. Or just establish your own local group if none exists.

  • Participate in ASIST, the parent organization of SIG-IA and a sponsor of many IA events already. Find further resources in numerous other areas of information science.

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