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We're looking for volunteers at SIG-IA Web and our resources are limited. Are you knowledgeable in information architecture? Why not roll up your sleeves? Spend a minute or devote a day. Suggest the best links or even write a mini white paper. Advance the cause of good information!
How do people help out here? You might be surprised at the range of skills we welcome and appreciate, from project management to relational database design to graphic arts.

  1. Offer to do what you love in information science and IA. There's a good chance we will be interested in your skills.
  2. Tell us if you are an expert, and how, and when you will be available to help as an occasional consultant.
  3. Or, just tell us what you'd love to try to do. There may be enough for a small team to struggle and learn together.
  4. Even if you are new to IA, tell us if something at our site (including navigation) has you stumped. We'll respond.
  5. Send us a love letter (#3) and make a promise.

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