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The following journals have accepted articles on the history and philosophy of information science:


  • Hahn, T.B. and M. Buckland, eds. Historical Studies in Information Science. Information Today: Medford, NJ. 1998.
  • Hahn, T.B., R.V. Williams, and M.E. Bowden, eds. Proceedings of the Conference on the History and Heritage of Science Information Systems. Association of Information Science: Medford, NJ. 1999.
  • Bourne, C.P. and T.B. Hahn. A History of Online Information Services: 1963-1976. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003
  • Bowden, M.E. and B. Rayward, eds. Proceedings of the Second Conference on the History and Heritage of Scientific Information Systems. Information Today Press: Medford, NJ, 2004.
  • Day, R. The Modern Invention of Information: Discourse, History, and Power. Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press, 2001.

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Related Organizations

  • The Communication and Information Technologies Section of the American Social Association has some cognate interests with HFIS:
  • The Special Interest Group on Computers, Information and Society ( of the Society for the History of Technology ( has more than two hundred members and a well developed website holding links, resources, and example syllabi related to the history of information technology and its use.
  • The American Library Association has a Library History Roundtable.