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Welcome to our site! SIG HFIS is the Special Interest Group on the History and Foundations of Information Science of ASIS&T, the Association for Information Society & Technology. For more on the ASIS&T SIGs and their functions see

Our Mission Statement: SIG HFIS encourages and supports work on the history and theoretical development of information science. It serves as a forum for the interaction of all fields of study that have the potential for increasing understanding of the history, theories, fundamental concepts, and models of information science. (Adopted 1995 when the SIG took on its present name).

Exciting news: Eugene Garfield has established four fellowships at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia for the study of the history of information science, law, documentation, and chemical engineering in the chemical enterprise. The Theodore and Mary Herdegen Fellowships in the History of Scientific Information and the Paul Otlet Fellowship in the History of Information Science are particularly relevant to SIGHFIS members. See the announcement on the CHF website for details.

About our Logo (Artist Credit: Molly Dolan): Can an antelope be a document? What is a “document”?

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