SIG/CR Programs at ASIS 1996 Annual Meeting

SIG/CR Programs at ASIS 1996 Annual Meeting

Sunday, October 20

8:30am - 5:00pm

7th SIG CR Classification Research workshop

The CR Workshop is designed to be an exchange of ideas among active researchers with interests in the creation, development, management, representation, display, comparison, compatibility, theory, and application of classification schemes. Click here for the agenda


SIG Rush and Welcome Reception

The opening reception on Sunday evening will include the SIG RUSH for a special welcome to the ASIS Annual Meeting. Join your colleagues and other ASIS friends for the cash bar and hors d'oeuvres. Find out what the different SIGs have in the works and are planning.

Monday, October 21


Social Impacts of Digital Libraries (SIGs/CR, HCI and SRT)

This panel will present the key trends and issues that emerged from the NSF-sponsored UCLA Workshop on the Social Aspects of Digital Libraries that took place at UCLA in February 1996. We will give an overview of developments in user-centered digital library research and the issues that interdisciplinary DL researchers are considering concerning users' information needs and end-user searching and filtering.

Christine L. Borgman, University of California, Los Angeles
Raya Fidel, University of Washington
Moderator: Efthimis N. Efthimiadis, University of California, Los Angeles

Noon - 1:30pm

SIG Planning Meeting

Tuesday, October 22

Noon - 1:30pm

SIG Program Coordination Meeting

1:30pm - 3:00pm

Icons and the Web: Communicating Classificatory Structure through Graphics (SIGs/CR and VIS)

This session will explore the idea of visualization as a key to solving the complexity imposed on the users of the World Wide Web. It will investigate the means to describe and organize visual resources and offer a discussion of how to integrate research in visualization of concepts with research in linguistic representations and classification of graphics.

* The Design of Ecological Interfaces for Web Users. Annelise Mark Pejtersen, Risoe National Laboratory, Denmark
* A Framework for Image Indexing Based on Free description. Corinne Jorgensen, State University of New York at Buffalo
* Communicating Concepts and Classificatory Structures through Graphics on the Web.

Elin Jacob, Indiana University
Moderator: Hanne Albrechtsen, The Royal School of librarianship,


SIG Dutch Treat Dinner

Wednesday, October 24


Browsing Online and in the Stacks: What is It and How Can It Be Facilitated? (SIGs/CR, HCI and HFIS)

Four speakers will address the questions of what browsing is, how it can be studied and what we hope to learn from such study. After the presentations, attendees will be encouraged to contribute to the debate.

+ Dimensions Characterizing Browsing. Shan-JuChang, National Taiwan university
+ Tending our Pastures: A Decade's Worth of Research on browsing Fiction collections. Sharon (Shay) L. Baker, University of Iowa
+ A Cognitive Definition of Browsing. Dee Michel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Moderator: Dee Michel, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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