SIG/CR Programs at ASIS 1992 Annual Meeting

SIG/CR Programs at ASIS 1992 Annual Meeting

Because the organization of knowledge is so fundamental to
intelligent performance, classification research keeps appearing
in new application areas.  At next fall's annual meeting, three
of the panels proposed by SIGCR deal with such new developments.

     Two of these proposed panels on new applications focus on
     "Classification and Retrieval for Software Reuse."  They
     deal with issues concerning information retrieval for
     software reuse.  These two panels, organized by Marlene
     Rockmore and Susanne Humphrey, include as speakers Hanne
     Albrectsen, Bill Frakes, Ruben Prietro-Diaz, Roy Rada and
     Lynn Streeter.  

     A third panel focuses on new applications in office
     settings.  It is titled "Knowledge Management Systems: The
     Role of Classification Research" and was organized by Matt
     Moore.  The proposed panelists include William Noah,
     Dagobert Soergel and Irene Travis.  This panel is concerned
     with methods for helping people in large organizations to
     find the information they need.

There are three additional proposed panels that deal with topics
of continuing interest to the field.  

     Rebecca Green, Susanne Humphrey and Phil Smith have proposed
     to present a tutorial on the use of "Frames in Support of
     Information Retrieval."  

     Jim Anderson, Marcia Bates, Raya Fidel and Bella Hass
     Weinberg have proposed a session discussing "Standards for
     Information Retrieval Indexes."  

     Jim Anderson, Raya Fidel and Alexa McCray are part of a
     proposed session to describe research on "The Use of
     Thesauri to Support End-User Searching."

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