Minutes of SIG/CR Planning Meeting, 1995

Minutes of SIG/CR Planning Meeting, 1995

Minutes of SIG/CR Planning Meeting
Tuesday, 10/10/95, at ASIS Annual Meeting
Chicago, Ill.

By Ed Housman, The MITRE Corporation

The Planning Session began at 12:00 noon with the following enthusiastic 

Hanne Albrechtsen		hal@db.dk
Jim Anderson		jda@scils.rutgers.edu
Clare Beghtol		beghtol@fis.utoronto.ca
Lynn Silipigni Connaway	lconnaway@du.edu
Efthimis Efthimiadis		efthimis@ucla.edu
Raya Fidel		fidelr@u.washington.edu
Andrew Grove		andrewg@corbis.com
Ed Housman		emh@mitre.org
Elin Jacob		ejacob@indiana.edu
Michelle Kazmer		mkazmer@srl.srllib.ford.com
Barbara Kwasnik		bkwasnik@mailbox.syr.edu
Dee Michel		dmichel@macc.wisc.edu
Ray Schwartz		schwartz@panix.com
Paul Solomon		solomon@ils.unc.edu

Ten SIGs held simultaneous business meetings at round tables in a large
banquet hall.  SIG/CR distinguished itself by continuing its discussions
in oblivious concentration long after the other SIGs had completed their 
business, yawned, and left.  Workmen setting up for the next function 
allowed us to stay, probably in respect for the intense looks
on our faces.

Ray Schwartz, outgoing Chair, reported that we won the SIG Publication of
the Year award for our Web Page, that the 6th ASIS SIG/CR Classification
Research Workshop held the preceding Sunday was a success, and that copies
of the proceedings were being sold for $15 per copy at the registration
desk.  [We have since learned that SIG/CR was also recognized as SIG of
the Year.] He thanked the group and turned the meeting over to Paul
Solomon, our new Chair.  Chair-Elect for 1996 is Efthimis Efthimiadis. 

Discussion, then, centered around programs for the ASIS Midyear Meeting 
in San Diego and the upcoming Annual Meeting in Baltimore October 21-26.

One idea surfaced for the Midyear meeting: "A User View of Digital 
Libraries" will be submitted by Efthimis Efthimiadis.  The deadline for 
proposals for the midyear meeting is November 15.

Another idea originated by Elin Jacob, labeled the "Social Construction 
of Classification," was originally suggested for the Midyear meeting, but 
will be proposed for the Annual meeting instead by Elin Jacob and Hanne 
Albrechtsen.  This session would include, for example, the work on 
taxonomy of the nursing profession presented during the 6th SIG/CR 

Claire Beghtol reported that there will be more slots for sessions at the 
1996 Annual Meeting than in previous years because the number of keynote 
speeches will be reduced.  Also, sessions will not necessarily have to 
conform to the conference theme, "Global Complexity: Information, Chaos, 
and Control."

Deadline for proposals for the Annual Meeting is December 15, and ideas 
should be sent by email to Efthimis Efthimiadis (efthimis@ucla.edu).  
Forms were also handed out.  It was also noted that while the text of 
presentations for SIG sessions is not ordinarily  published in the 
Proceedings, such publication is possible if the papers are submitted 
early enough on the proper forms.  

A few ideas for unusual formats for SIG/CR sessions were discussed, 
including a debate, demos, and a session based on the Talmudic model of 
discourse, where participants, including the audience, comment on and 
discuss a statement of -accepted truth.
Additional proposals for the Annual Meeting SIG sessions included:

      + Dee Michel: "Types of Knowledge (Typology)" involving exploration 
of the terminology of classification.

      + Raya Fidel: "Vendors Perceptions of the Market," a panel session 
to explore vendors' perceptions of the classification requirements for 
the software they market, including market surveys, design assumptions, 
and what they think people really need.  It was pointed out that the 
vendors could benefit from such an interaction as well as ourselves. Raya 
volunteered to moderate the session. Dee Michel and Barbara Kwasnik 
offered to help.

      + Hanne Albrechtsen: "Classification of Images", which would focus 
on the concept development and sharing power of graphics.  This session 
could be held jointly with SIG/VIZ.

      + Paul Solomon:  "Issues in Education for the Organization of 
Information/Knowledge", which could be proposed in conjunction with 
SIG/ED.  This session would focus on curriculum needs in a world of 
complex and chaotic systems.

      + Claire Beghtol: "Cognitive Aspects of Indexing", or how indexers 
actually index.  Claire David of the Universite de Montreal was suggested 
as a possible contributor.

      + Dee Michel: "Browsing", how users make relevance judgements in 
browsing the retrieved results of a search.  This might provide clues to 
indexing methodology.  Raya Fidel initially raised the idea for the 

      + Ed Housman: "The Organization of Data Elements in a Large 
Enterprise" such as the Department of Defense.  The intent is to explore 
some information science concerns and opportunities in relational 
database technology. (Jokingly dubbed -Classifying Classified 

The meeting then moved on to discussion of next year's workshop.  It was 
noted that a day-long series of presentations wear down the audience, and 
several strategies for breaking up into focus groups in the 
afternoon were proposed.  We agreed to hold another workshop in 1996. 
Paul Solomon will serve as coordinator/editor for the 7th ASIS SIG/CR 
Classification Research Workshop.  Just about everyone present at the 
planning session offered to help with review of submissions.

The 1995 SIG/CR Planning Session ended at 1:35pm.

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