Minutes of SIG/CR Planning Meeting, 1994

Minutes of SIG/CR Planning Meeting, 1994

SIG/CR Planning Meeting Minutes, October 18, 1994, Alexandria, VA

Members Attending

Hanne Albrechtsen /  biskhal@inet.uni-c.dk,
Clare Beghtol / beghtol@flis.utoronto.ca, 
Jim Cable / jim@mail.lib.duke.edu, 
Lynn Silipigni Connaway / libslsc@mizzou1.missouri.edu, 
I. Dahlberg / fax +49-69-520566,
Efthimis Efthimiadis / efthimis@gslis.ucla.edu / ene@argo.gslis.ucla.edu,
Raya Fidel / fidelr@u.washington.edu, 
Susanne Humphrey / humphrey@nlm.nih.gov,
Elin K. Jacob / ejacob@lib.purdy.wayne.edu, 
Barbara Kwasnik / bkwasnik@mailbox.syr.edu, 
Joan Mitchell / joan_mitchell@oclc.org, 
Sam Oh / ohs@u.washington.edu, 
Jeff Parsons / jeffreyp@morgan.ucs.mun.ca
Ray Schwartz / schwartz@panix.com, 
Phil Smith / phil+@osu.edu, 
Paul Solomon / solomon@ils.unc.edu, 
David Thomas / dhtomas@lis.pitt.edu, 
Irene Travis / itravis@worldbank.org, 
 Session Proposals for ASIS 95

Phil Smith will organize a session on advanced tools for access and use of
information. The specific focus of this session would be on tools for the

Clare Beghtol will contact Pauline Cochrane and base a panel discussion on
the Allerton Institute. 

Efthimis Efthimiadis will rework and resubmit last year's rejected session. 

David Thomas suggested a session on document representation, system
modeling of information and retrieval issues with a very specific focus on
archives. David asked for assistance in preparing the session proposal and
Raya Fidel offered to work with him. 

Clare Beghtol will talk to Lynn Bowker about developing a session dealing
with the topic of terminology. 

Lynn Connaway and Elin Jacob will organize a session on access to
electronic resources dealing specifically with the Internet. 

The group also talked about doing a session for midyear. There was a
suggestion for a session focusing on Internet resources organization such
as the Internet yellow pages.  It was suggested that Joe Busch should be
contacted for this idea.  Joan Mitchell and Barbara Kwasnik said that they
would be attending mid-year. 
          CR Workshop

It was suggested by Dick Hill that SIG/CR might want to change the day of
the workshop from Sunday to Thursday, so that SIG/CR members could
participate in ASIS business meetings.  It was decided by all to leave the
workshop day on Sunday. 

The question was brought up as to whether or not we should include mention
of the panel discussion in the Call for Papers.  It became apparent,
however, that the panel was not viewed by all as successful. There was
wide disagreement on the value of the panel, a lack of consensus that was
reflected in the workshop evaluations also.  A number of the attendees
said that there should have been less "panel" and more "meat". It was
suggested that the Call for Papers could mention that a panel might be
organized, depending on the kinds of submissions.  

Irene Travis suggested that the Call for Papers should include mention of
previous proceedings and where to acquired them. 

Ray Schwartz will receive the workshop submissions.  The editors will be
Barbara Kwasnik, Elin Jacob, Ray Schwartz, Phil Smith, and Clare Beghtol. 

Barbara Kwasnik suggested that the editing should be spread out and
observed that indexing takes a great deal of time.  Raya Fidel recommended
that the editors should hire an indexer and that the SIG should look to
ASIS to pay for the services of such an individual. 

Clare Beghtol volunteered to work on the proceedings production.  Barbara
Kwasnik will give Ray Schwartz a packet of information on how the workshop
has been organized in the past; and Raya Fidel will send copies of the
workshop correspondence to Ray. 

It was decided among the attendees that the editors should not include
unaccepted abstracts in the proceedings. However, personal statements
about one's research will be welcomed. 


Joan Mitchell recommended that the SIG should be involved with the ISKO
1996 conference to be held in Washington, DC.  She suggested specifically
that SIG/CR should co-sponsor the ISKO conference. 

Ray Schwartz stated that he would start working on a web site and a home
page for classification research.  In addition, three ideas suggested by
Dick Hill were relayed to SIG/CR members by Ray Schwartz: 

   1.) That a listserv be established for SIG/CR and that all of the SIG's
members would be subscribed to it automatically.  Joan Mitchell stated
that this would be unnecessary duplication of a listserv created by the
Allerton Institute (CLASIF- L@VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU).  Joan was strongly
supported by other members when she observed that automatically
subscribing people might be offensive to many members.  It was agreed not
to create a SIG/CR listserv, but to open up discussions with the listowner

   2.) That a SIG session could be used to sponsor an ASIS Bulletin issue. 
The idea was tabled for later discussion. 

   3.) That SIG/CR could have a regular column in the ASIS Bulletin. It
was suggested that a solicitation for a column editor be posted in the

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