Minutes of SIG/CR Planning Meeting, 1992

Minutes of SIG/CR Planning Meeting, 1992


1.   Present at the meeting:  Raya Fidel; Phil Smith; Clare
                              Beghtol; Hanne Albrechtsen; Susanne
                              Humphrey; Matt Moore; Stephen
                              Hirtle; Judy Tessier; Jim Anderson;
                              Marcia Zeng; Barbara Kwasnik; Candy

2.   Candy Schwarz tabled a report from the Chapters and Sigs
     Cabinet meeting.  

3.   Plans for next year:

     a.  Workshop:

          It was decided that the workshop has become a tradition
          and should be held next year, perhaps with a different
          format.  Some suggestions for new formats were:  have a
          reactor for each paper; divide the day into separate
          topics and have invited papers; ask each paper to focus
          on a research dilemma; have questions and answers
          transcribed and published; divide into small groups to
          discuss different questions and report back to the
          whole group.  It was decided to put these possibilities
          to members and ask for feedback and more suggestions.

          An ad hoc committee for the workshop was formed. 
          Barbara Kwasnik will print the proceedings again.  Phil
          Smith will be responsible for PR and overall
          coordination.  Clare Beghtol, Judy Tessier and Raya
          Fidel will read submissions and work with the authors.

     b.   SIG/CR program for next annual meeting:

          The theme of the next annual meeting is Integrating
          Technologies\ Converging Professions.  The following
          topics were suggested:  

          Filtering e-mail messages at the workstation
          Demonstration of prototypes systems that have a
               classification component, possibly with the HCI
          Analysis of knowledge domains (Hanne will organize)
          Query expansion/ad-hoc automatic indexing (Efthinius
               Efthimiadis has indicated interest in organizing)
          New knowledge sources and semantic maps in medicine
               (Nancy Roderer has indicated interest in
          Thesaurus revision (Matt Moore will organize)

          Preliminary documentation for these sessions must be
          submitted to Barbara Kwasnik no later than 15 Dec.
          1992.  Clare Beghtol will be responsible for this.

     c.   SIG/CR program for mid-year meeting.  The theme of the
          meeting is "Electronic Imaging: Clip Art to Virtual

          Dan Russel at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center may be
          interested in doing a session entitled "Making sense of
          information: new technologies for locating,
          structuring, processing and using information that seem
          to work".  Ray Schwartz may be interested  in
          organizing this session.  It may also be possible to do
          a joint session with the Arts and Humanities SIG.

4.   Officers for next year:  

          Phil Smith will work on this.

5.   Newsletter:  

          Ray Schwartz will continue to do this.  He will aim for
          6 issues a year, but there will definitely be 4 issues. 
          Susanne has agreed to check e-mail addresses of
          members.  Possible suggestions for content were: 
          abstracts of papers presented at sessions; reports on
          sessions; list of author and titles of workshop papers. 
          We hope to increase the personalization of the
          newsletter as a recruitment tool.

6.  Submitted by Clare Beghtol, November 3, 1992


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