Other Areas of Classification Research Interest

Other Areas of Classification Research Interest

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Last reviewed Dec. 29, 1996

  1. Artificial Intelligence Resources
  2. Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)
  3. Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval/CIIR
  4. CETH Home Page
  5. Classification Society of North America
  6. Classification Society of North America / Bibliography
  7. Classification Systems
  8. Clearinghouse for Subject-Oriented Internet Resource Guides
  9. Collaborative Information Retrieval: Gopher from MOO
  10. Computing Review Classification System
  11. Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM)
  12. Human-Languages Page
  13. Information About Cataloguing Electronic resources.
  14. Information Science Research Institute
  15. IR Database
  16. IRLIST Archives
  17. ISKO - International Society for Knowledge Organization WebPage
  18. ISKO 96
  19. LC Thesaurus for Graphic Material: Topical Terms for Subject Access
  20. Listserv Page
  21. MIT AI lab: Other Information Sources
  22. MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory Home Page
  23. NASA Thesaurus
  24. NL-KR Digest
  25. SFBA ASIS StudentChapter SIG/CR Page
  26. SIGIR Information Server
  27. Special Interest Group/ Classification Research Home Page
  28. Texas A&M Hypermedia Research Lab
  29. Center for the Study of Digital Libraries
  30. UMLS Knowledge Source Server
  31. Xerox PARC PubWeb Server
  32. Xerox PARC MapWeb Server

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