Conferences & Proceedings

ACH/ALLC (1989-2005), DH: Digital Humanities 2006–, Abstracts
SDH: Supporting the Digital Humanities (Oct. 2010)
DRH: Digital Resources for the Humanities 1996, DRH 1997, DRH 1999, DRH 2001, DRH 2002, DRH 2005 – 10th Annual. Proceedings
DRHA: Digital Resources for the Humanities & Arts 2006 —
Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science
DHSI: Digital Humanities Summer Institute
Newberry Library: Mellon Summer Institutes in Vernacular Paleography
Digging Into Data Challenge 2009 –, “List of Data Repositories”
The Past’s Digital Presence (Feb. 2010)
Transmedia, Hollywood: S/Telling the Story (Mar. 2010), Transmedia, Hollywood 2: Visual Culture and Design (Apr. 2011)
EPOCH Student Symposium: Engaging in the Preservation of Cultural Heritage (Sept. 2010)
Why Books? (Oct. 2010)
speak, memory (Oct. 2010)
Re:Humanities: An undergraduate symposium on digital media (Nov. 2010)
Reimagining the Archive (Nov. 2010)
Memory and the Work of Art (2011)
Humanities Data Curation Summit (June 2011)
“Building a Habitat for the Digital Humanities: Adding Digital Project Support to the Library Services” (Jason J. Battles, Thomas C. Wilson, Shawn Averkamp); “Data visualization and digital humanities research: a survey of available data sets and tools” (Erik Mitchell, Susan Smith), 2011 LITA National Forum
Hidden Histories: Symposium on Methodologies for the History of Computing in the Humanities c.1949-1980 (UCL DH) (Sept. 17, 2011)
Mediamorphosis: Print Culture and Transatlantic Public Sphere(s), 1890-1940 (Sept. 2011)
2nd International Symposium on Digital Humanities for Japanese Arts and Cultures (DH-JAC2011) (Nov. 2011)
Showing the Arts and Humanities Matter (UCL DH) (18 Sept. 2012)
Digitize This: Exploring/Exploiting the Rise of Digital Arts & Digital Humanities (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) (Nov. 2012)
University Museum Conference 2006- (Taiwan 2011)
PCA/ACA: Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association
Penn SCETI Lawrence J. Schoenberg Symposium on Manuscript Studies in the Digital Age
Impact7 Conferences 1999 —
ICSHH: International Conference on Society, Humanity and History
Computational Models of Narrative
Conference on Interdisciplinary Musicology
LIDA: Libraries in the Digital Age
IDCC: International Digital Curation Conference
POCOS: Preservation of Complex Objects Symposia

Relevant Conference Proceedings: Open Repositories:
Developing Institutional Repositories for the Creative and Applied Arts: The Kultur Project (V. Sheppard)
Repository case histories (various authors) OR2008
Pandektis: Implementing a repository of Greek historical and cultural material with DSpace (N. Houssos, I. Stavrakis, K. Stamatis, I. O. Stathopoulou, and C. Paschou) OR2008
An Institutional Repository for Use in Creative and Applied Arts (Tim Brody) OR2009
Linnean Online and SNEEP (Richard Miles Davis) OR2009
LORE: A Compound Object Authoring and Publishing Tool for Literary Scholars based on the FRBR (Anna Gerber, Jane Hunter) OR2009
Opening the Vault: Providing Digital Access to Archival Moving Images (Chris Beer, Courtney Michael) OR2009
EIAH’s [Encyclopedia of Iranian architectural history] Experience in Localization and Customization of DSpace (Emad Khazraee, Hamed Malek, Saeed Moaddeli) OR2009
From research data repositories to virtual research environments: a case study from the Humanities (Mark Hedges, Tobias Blanke, Mike Priddy, Fabio Simeoni, Leonardo Candela) OR2010
When TEI Comes to the Library: Meeting the Needs of Humanities Computing Scholars (Molly Dolan) OR2011