This page provides a research pathfinder for related organizations, institutional and disciplinary groups, publications, relevant resources / reports / writings, and digital collections. Please contact the webmaster with suggestions, additions, and comments.

Research Organizations:

ACH: Association for Computers and the Humanities
ALLC: Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing; “What is ‘Digital Humanities’?
ADHO: Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations
DARIAH: Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities
CLARIN: Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure
NITLE: National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education
DLF: Digital Library Federation
CNI: Coalition for Networked Information
TEI: Text Encoding Initiative, Journal
MCN: Museum Computer Network
National Humanities Alliance
centerNet: An international network of digital humanities centers
ACLS Commission on Cyberinfrastructure for the Humanities and Social Sciences, Our Cultural Commonwealth
Commission on the Humanities and Social Sciences, est. 2011
Library of Congress NDIIPP: National Digital Information Infrastructure & Preservation Program
ALA / SAA / AAM Committee on Archives, Libraries and Museums (CALM, wiki)
NINES: Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship
ISMIR: International Society for Music Information Retrieval
AHRC: Arts & Humanities Research Council, UK
HASTAC: Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory
DOCAM: Documentation and Conservation of the Media Arts Heritage, Glossaurus
OCLC Research: Online Computer Library Center, Mobilizing Unique Materials

Research Groups:
Cornell Institute for Digital Collections (CIDC)
MITH Research: Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities
GMU CHNM: Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
Texas A&M University Center for the Study of Digital Libraries (CSDL)
U.Va. IATH: Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
Tri-Co Digital Humanities
Humanities Machine: A New Zealand Digital Humanities Portal
Virtual Knowledge Studio for the Humanities and Social Sciences, The Netherlands
DHO: Digital Humanities Observatory, Ireland
Brown University Scholarly Technology Group (STG)
NYU Digital Humanities
Duke University Franklin Humanities Institute
Loyola University Chicago Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities
UIUC CIRSS: Center for Informatics Research in Science and Scholarship
UIUC I-CHASS: Institute for Computing in Humanities, Arts, and Social Science
UVM Libraries’ Center for Digital Initiatives
hyperstudio: Digital Humanities at MIT
UCL Centre for Digital Humanities Research Projects
KCL Department of Digital Humanities Research Projects
Digital Humanities at Reading
Humanities at Stanford
SULAIR Comprehending the Digital Humanities
Oxford Center for the Study of Ancient Documents
eSAD: e-Science and Ancient Documents
Champlain College Emergent Media Center Projects
Digital Cultures Project (DCP): University of California Multi-Campus Research Group
Microcosms Project: A special humanities project of the UC Office of the President, article in AI & Society
UCSB Carsey-Wolf Center: Media Industries Project
University of Sussex Centre for Material Digital Culture
Oxford Centre for Textual Studies (CTI) -2000
Research Group on Manuscript Evidence
Digital Medievalist
Digital Classicist
New York Art Resources Consortium
University of Southampton Archaeological Computing Research Group
Computational Linguistics Group, University of Haifa
dot.rural Digital Economy Research Hub, UK
MATRIX: Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online
Global Digital Libraries Collaborative
New Directions: Science, Humanities, Policy
Visualizing the Past: Tools and Techniques for Understanding Historical Processes

ELO: Electronic Literature Organization
SCMS: Society for Cinema and Media Studies
WCFTR: Wisconsin Center for Film and Theater Research
REDCAT: The Roy and Edna Disney/CalArts Theater
MIT Comparative Media Studies (CMS) Research
Museums, Arts & Humanities Division of SLA
Corporation for Public Broadcasting: American Archive Ecosystem
International Association for Media and History
CHArt: Computers and the History of Art Group
GLAM: Group for Literary Archives and Manuscripts
WLA: Western Literature Association
CILIP RBSCG: Rare Books and Special Collections Group
UK MLA: Museum, Libraries and Archives
ICCROM: International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property
EPOCH: European Network of Excellence in Open Cultural Heritage
SPARC: Scholarly Publishing & Academic Resources Coalition
SHARP: Society for the History of Authorship, Reading and Publishing

Relevant Resources, Reports, and Writings:
Digital Humanities Questions & Answers
Humanist Discussion Group Guide to digital humanities & arts
Humanities Matter: The Campaign for the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
UCSB Voice of the Shuttle
Digital Humanities Now
Digital Scholarship
University of London, Institute for Historical Research, 2006: “Peer review and evaluation of digital resources for the arts and humanities”
New Media at the University of Maine, 2007: “New Criteria for New Media”
New Media at CU Boulder, 2010: “New Media Studies and the Institution”
MLAwiki: Types of Digital Work
The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2009: “The MLA and the Digital Humanities”
NEH ODH, 2010: “Summary Findings of NEH Digital Humanities Start-Up Grants (2007 – 2010)”
Day in the Life of the Digital Humanities, 2009–
Digital Humanities Blog Carnival
Day of Digital Archives
National Humanities Center Toolbox Library
CUNY Digital Humanities Resource Guide
Harvard FAS: Digital Technology Resources for Research & Teaching
Digital Scholarship in the Humanities (Lisa Spiro, NITLE)
Bibliotheca Alexandrina: The New Library of Alexandria
Newington-Cropsey Cultural Studies Center
ARTnews: fine arts magazine
Artists’ Books Collections Directory
The Ephemera Society of America
Bibliographical Society of America
Critical Code Studies
Spatial Humanities
CHNM Victorian Books
Data-Mining Early English Dramatic Texts with Docuscope (Michael Witmore)
MediaCommons: a digital scholarly network
Learning Through Digital Media
Digital Humanities Inflected Undergraduate Programs (2009) Tanya Clement
Digital Humanities Education: Zotero Group
UCSB English Department: Toy Chest of software tools
DiRT: Digital Research Tools Wiki
Primary Research Group
Current Cites
ALA Digital Copyright Slider
Infographic: History of Computers 1938 to 2010
Institutional models for humanities computing (2003) Willard McCarty, Matthew Kirschenbaum
Research Information Network, 2011: “Reinventing research? Information practices in the humanities”
“A Study of Humanities Faculty Library Information Seeking Behavior” (Elaine Brodbent) Cataloging & Classification Quarterly, Vol. 6, Iss. 3, (1986).
“Electronic resources in the humanities” (Claire-Lise Benaud, Sever Bordeianu) Reference Services Review, Vol. 23 Iss: 2 (1995), pp. 41-50.
“Virtual Politik: Obstacles To Building Virtual Communities In Traditional Institutions Of Knowledge” (Elizabeth Losh) CSHE Center for Studies in Higher Education 9.05 (June 2005)
“Research Libraries Engage the Digital World: A US-UK Comparative Examination of Recent History and Future Prospects” (Clifford A. Lynch) Ariadne, Issue 46 (8 February 2006)
“New Research Perspectives for the Humanities” (Patricia Alkhoven and Peter Doorn) International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing 1 (1) 2007, 35-47.
“A Strategy for Academic Libraries in the First Quarter of the 21st Century” (David W. Lewis) College & Research Libraries vol. 68 no. 5 (Sept. 2007), 418-434.
“Information seeking in the Humanities: Physicality and digitality” (J. Rimmer, C. Warwick, A. Blandford, J. Gow, and G. Buchanan) in: M. Ghazali, D. Ramduny-Ellis, E. Hornecker, and A. Dix (eds.) Physicality 2006: Proceedings of the First International Workshop on Physicality, pp. 37-38. Computing Department, Lancaster University: Lancaster, UK, 2008.
“Library and information resources and users of digital resources in the humanities” (Claire Warwick, Melissa Terras, Isabel Galina, Paul Huntington, Nikoleta Pappa) Program: electronic library and information systems, Vol. 42 Iss: 1 (2008), pp. 5-27.
“An examination of the physical and the digital qualities of humanities research” (Jon Rimmer, Claire Warwick, Ann Blandford, Jeremy Gow, George Buchanan) Information Processing and Management 44 (2008), 1374-1392.
“Public Libraries, Archives and Museums: Trends in Collaboration and Cooperation” (2008), Alexandra Yarrow, Barbara Clubb and Jennifer-Lynn Draper, IFLA Professional Reports, No. 108.
“Convergent flows: Humanities scholars and their interactions with electronic texts” (Suzana Sukovic) Library Quarterly, vol. 78, no. 3 (July 2008), pp. 263-284.
Report: Tools for Data-Driven Scholarship (CHNM / MITH) 25 March 2009
“From object to platform: Art, digital technology and time” (Scott McQuire and Natalia Radywyl) Time & Society 19 (March 2010): 5-27.
“Graphesis” (Johanna Drucker) Poetess Archive Journal, Vol 2, No 1 (2010).
“The Librarian as Digital Humanist: The Collaborative Role of the Research Library in Digital Humanities Projects” (Leigh Cunningham) Faculty of Information Quarterly, Vol 2, No 2 (2010).
“Goldilocks and the Three (or Four) Digital Scholarship Books; or, Reconceptualizing A Role for Digital Media Scholarship in an Age of Digital Scholarship: A Review Webtext” (Cheryl E. Ball) Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy 15.1 (Fall 2010).
“Framing digital humanities: The role of new media in humanities scholarship” (Oya Y. Rieger) First Monday, Volume 15, Number 10 (4 October 2010).
“Digital humanities: Roles for libraries?” (Hitoshi Kamada) College & Research Libraries News vol. 71 no. 9 (Oct. 2010), 484-485.
“E-texts in research projects in the humanities” (Suzana Sukovic) in Advances in Librarianship, Vol. 33, ed. A. Woodsworth, 131-202. Bingley: Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2011.
“Discovering the Information Needs of Humanists When Planning an Institutional Repository” (David Seaman) D-Lib Magazine Volume 17, Number 3/4 (March/April 2011).
“Manuscript Transcription by Crowdsourcing: Transcribe Bentham” (Martin Moyle, Justin Tonra, Valerie Wallace) Liber Quarterly: The Journal of European Research Libraries volume 20, no. 3/4 (2011).
“A genealogy of digital humanities” (Marija Dalbello) Journal of Documentation, Vol. 67 Iss: 3 (2011), pp. 480 – 506.
“Digital Humanities: Where to start” (Jennifer L. Adams and Kevin B. Gunn) College & Research Libraries News vol. 73 no. 9 (Oct. 2012), 536-569
The Transformation of Humanistic Studies in the Twenty-first Century: Opportunities and Perils (ACLS Occasional Paper No. 40) 1997
“‘That full complement of riches’: The contributions of the arts, humanities and social sciences to the nation’s wealth” (British Academy) January 2004
“Will the Humanities Save Us?,” Stanley Fish, The New York Times 6 January 2008
“Leading the world: The economic impact of UK arts and humanities research” (AHRC) 2009
“How We Think: The Transforming Power of Digital Technologies,” N. Katherine Hayles 15 January 2009
“Blind Spots: Humanists Must Plan Their Digital Future,” Johanna Drucker, The Chronicle of Higher Education 3 April 2009
“Digital Humanities,” Ben Goldman 2009
“The Academic Capacity Of The Digital Humanities In Canada,” Geoffrey Rockwell 2009
“The core connection,” Matthew Reisz, Times Higher Education 7 January 2010
“From the Roman Codex to the iPad,” L. Gordon Crovitz, The Wall Street Journal 1 February 2010
“Texts Without Context,” Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times 17 March 2010
“Digital Humanities: Methodology and Questions,” Matthew Jockers 23 April 2010
“The Library of Congress unlocks the ultimate archive system,” Ken Weissman 5 May 2010
“The Unintended Value of the Humanities,” Stephen J. Mexcal, The Chronicle of Higher Education 23 May 2010
“Reviewing Digital Scholarship,” Stan Katz, The Chronicle of Higher Education 31 May 2010
“Gallery: Digitizing the past and present at the Library of Congress,” Rob Beschizza 9 June 2010
“Before Twitter, tweets were made in stone,” William Mullen, Seattle Times 30 September 2010
“eternal september of the digital humanities,” Bethany Nowviskie 15 October 2010
“digital humanities and the cuts,” Andrew Prescott 23 October 2010
“On not funding the arts and humanities,” Simon Dobson 5 July 2011
“From Ancient Rome to Civil War-Era: More Glimpses at Digital Humanities Projects,” Patricia Cohen, The New York Times 17 November 2010.
“Stuff Digital Humanists Like: Defining Digital Humanities by its Values,” Tim Scheinfeldt 2 December 2010
“Victorian Literature, Statistically Analyzed With New Process,” Patricia Cohen, The New York Times 3 December 2010
“…Victorian Books Project,” Dan Cohen 3 December 2010
“Digital Humanities Silos and Outreach,” Perian Sully 9 January 2011
“Teaching the Digital Humanities (Interdisciplinary) Journey,” Craig Bellamy 11 January 2011
“On Building,” Stephen Ramsay 11 January 2011
“Digital Humanities: First, Second and Third Wave,” David M. Berry 14 January 2011.
“The Hum of Digital Humanities, or, Ecologies of Reading,” Andrew Piper 31 January 2011
“the digital humanities divide,” Alex Reid 17 February 2011
“Humanities Courses & Digital Media: A Not So Brief History,” Christine Cupaiuolo 24 March 2011
“A Million Syllabi,” Dan Cohen 30 March 2011
“Humanities, For Sake Of Humanity,” Dan Berrett 30 March 2011
DHSI Plenary Lecture: “Digital Humanities Archive Fever,” Matthew Kirschenbaum 6 June 2011
“Announcing a New Grant Program: Digital Humanities Implementation Grants,” Brett Bobley 22 June 2011
“New-Model Scholarly Communication: Road Map for Change” (U.Va. SCI 9) July 2011
“Venerating Sacred Relics of Shakespeare,” Edward Rothstein, The New York Times 7 July 2011
“Books and other fetish objects,” James Gleick, The New York Times 16 July 2011
ERCIM News: ICT for Cultural Heritage special issue 86 (July 2011): “Macedonia: From Fragments to Pixels”
“Schools, beware the e-book bandwagon,” Nicholas Carr, Dallas Morning News 5 August 2011
“When data disappears,” Kari Kraus, The New York Times 6 August 2011
“Roberto Busa (November 13, 1913 – August 9, 2011),” Brett Bobley 11 August 2011
“Learned Society 2.0,” Dianne Harris 29 August 2011
“The Mechanic Muse: From Scroll to Screen,” Lev Grossman, The New York Times 2 September 2011
“Michael S. Hart, Obituary,” Gregory B. Newby 8 September 2011
“Digital Intermediation of Physical Stuff,” James Ascher 8 September 2011
Reading: Harvard Views of Readers, Readership, and Reading History
Music Library Student Group
Art History Resources on the Web
Mother of All Art and Art History Links Pages
Textopia: a locative literary reader
Haptic cinema: an art practice on the interactive digital media tabletop (Ayoka Chenzira)
“Archival archaeology: a working definition,” Columbia University “On Archiving Schapiro” 11 May 2010
National Trust for Historic Preservation
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation
UMAC: University Museums and Collections
AAMG: Association of Academic Museums & Galleries
ICOM: International Council on Museums
ICA: International Council on Archives
IFLA: International Federation of Library Associations and InstitutionsÂ

Digital Collections:
Samuel Beckett Digital Manuscript Project
The Newton Project
Mark Twain Project
The Walt Whitman Archive
Transcribe Bentham
Dante Gabriel Rossetti Archive
William Blake Archive
Dickinson Electronic Archives
Uncle Tom’s Cabin & American Culture
Faulkner at Virginia
Woolf Online
Vincent van Gogh Letters
Sherlock Holmes on the Web
Illustrated Shakespeare Collection
The Shelley-Godwin Archive
Isaac Asimov Online
The Rothschild Archive
Digital Renaissance Editions
University of St Andrews USTC Universal Short Title Catalogue
The Camelot Project at the University of Rochester
World Digital Library
Library of Congress
Library and Archives Canada: History of the Book in Canada
British Library Digitised Manuscripts
Memory of the Netherlands
ICDL: International Children’s Digital Library
LOC / NMAAHC Civil Rights History Project
UNESCO Memory of the World
TEI Demonstration: Northwestern University, Shakespeare’s Plays
BU Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center
Wellcome Arabic Manuscripts Online
The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the American Civil War
UWM United States Civil War Collection
National Gallery of Art Library: Announcing the Text: Development of the Title Page, 1470-1900
City of Thunder Bay Waterfront History
Western Waters Digital Library
Boise State University Western Writers Series Digital Collections
James Goode Bookplate collection article (University of Virginia)
Encyclopedia of the Hellenic World
University of Oxford: Ancient Lives
Foundation of the Hellenic World
Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection, CSU Sacramento
Dioscorus of Aphrodito (Byzantine Egypt)
Mnamon: Ancient Writing Systems in the Mediterranean: A critical guide to electronic resources
Center for the Tebtunis Papyri
DAMOS: Database of Mycenaean [Linear B] at Oslo
Online Survey of Audio-Visual Resources for Classics
Atlantides: Feed Aggregators for Ancient Studies
UNC-CH Ancient World Mapping Center
Ashes2Art (Coastal Carolina University; First Monday article)
Interactive Album of Mediaeval Palaeography
Digital Resource for Palaeography
Current Epigraphy
Digital Epigraphy and Archaeology, University of Florida
Digital Worlds Institute Digital Epigraphy Toolbox
CyArk: cultural site data
Samothrace sanctuary
Schliemann’s Archaeological Diaries Now Available (Jan. 21, 2011)
UK Portable Antiquities Scheme
Online Etymology Dictionary
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Census of Marine Life
Thomas Edison National Historical Park
Syracuse University Belfer Cylinders Digital Connection
UCSB Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders
San Francisco Bay Area Television Archive, “Early computer classes for schools (1972)”
DIAMM: Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music
EMEL: Early Manuscripts Electronic Archive
LEME: Lexicons of Early Modern English
Hill Museum & Manuscript Library
MOBiA: Museum of Biblical Art exhibitions
The Pepper Bible, a modern illuminated manuscript of the Bible
King James Bible 2011 Expo: 400th Anniversary
Codices Illustres: A Resource for Libraries & Institutions: Illuminated Manuscripts, Incunables, Rare Books, Cartography
Manchester Centre for Anglo-Saxon Studies (MANCASS) C11: 11th Century English Database
Manuscripts of the West Midlands (c. 1300 – c. 1475)
Friedberg Genizah Project
University of London Senate House Library E.G.R. Taylor Collection of Historic Printed Maps
Seymour de Ricci Bibliotheca Britannica Manuscripta Digitized Archive
SMU Bridwell Library Prints by Albrecht Durer (1471-1528)
SMU Bridwell Library King James Bible of 1611
Chester Beatty Library: Islamic seals database
National Library of Medicine Islamic Medical Manuscripts
CRL: Center for Research Libraries Digital Collections
Penn: Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text and Image
University of Cincinnati Libraries ARB online galleries
Columbia University Libraries RBML Online Exhibitions, Digital Collections
Digital Scriptorium
NYU Archives and Public History Digital
Hemispheric Institute Digital Video Library
Computer History Museum
NYU Archives “Computing in the Humanities and the Arts”
NYU Humanities Initiative
Yale University Library Digital Collections, Bookplate article
BGSU Browne Popular Culture Library
Norman Rockwell Museum
From Cave Paintings to the Internet: History of Information and Media
History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
Milestones of Science
Ozarks Civil War
The Triangle Factory Fire
Syracuse University Pan Am Flight 103/Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives
Hiroshima Archive
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum “Do you remember, when” online exhibition
European Holocaust Research Infrastructure
Cold War International History Project
Milestones in the history of thematic cartography, statistical graphics, and data visualization (M. Friendly & D. J. Denis)
Turks: A Journey of A Thousand Years, 600-1600
Cornell University Library Witchcraft Collection
International Quilt Study Center & Museum
The Quilt Index
Why Quilts Matter
What Middletown Read Project
UCL Bloomsbury Project
University of Sydney Online Exhibitions
USC Libraries’ Exhibitions: Wonderland Award
USC Labyrinth Project: A Research Initiative on Database Narrative and Digital Scholarship
Monash University Library Virtual exhibition: Childrens’ Books
BYU Literary Worlds: Illumination of the Mind
Tulane University Carnival Collection
COHA: Corpus of Historical American English
COCA: Corpus of Contemporary American English
Huntington Digital Library
Duke University Libraries Digital Collections
Library Company of Philadelphia digital collections Catalog, Exhibitions
UWM Digital Library for the Decorative Arts and Material Culture
Alaska’s Digital Archives
Harvard College Library Exhibitions
Newberry Digital Exhibitions
VSO: Very Small Objects
Arcane Gallery of Gadgetry
Early Visual Media
Web Gallery of Art
Thomas L. Gravell Watermark Archive
Speech Accent Archive
Southeastern Native American Documents, 1730-1842
Brandeis University Archives and Special Collections
Bayerische Staatsbibliothek: Exlibris collection
UBC Library Vault
IAC: Initiatives in Art and Culture
National Museum of Dance
Siobhan Davies Replay
National Sporting Library & Museum
The Olympic Museum, Virtual exhibitions
Lloyd Library: The Magic and Myth of Alchemy
Conjuring Arts Research Center
Laura Ingalls Wilder
National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
Rocky Mountain Online Archive
National Museum of Ship Models and Sea History
Old Weather
Walters Art Museum: Digitizing Artworks
Courtauld Institute of Art Gothic Ivories Project
North Bay Digital Collections (San Francisco)
UVM Maple Recipe Collection
California Digital Library, Digital Special Collections
UCLA Digital Library Program
UCLA Preserved Silent Animation
Silent Film Still Archive
UCLA Library Online Exhibits
UCLA Library Special Collections Online Exhibits
UCLA Library Music Digital Collections
UCLA Biomedical Library Digital Projects
William Andrews Clark Memorial Library Online Exhibitions
UCLA David Livingstone Spectral Imaging Project
Pacific Standard Time: Art in L.A. 1945-1980
UT Harry Ransom Center
College of William and Mary Special Collections, Scrapbook Collection
University of Bradford Special Collections
Stanford: Making the Macintosh: Technology and Culture in Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley History Online
Contributions of 20th Century Women to Physics
Stanford Silicon Valley Archives
Picturing Women
Lesbian Herstory Archives
LGBT Religious Archives Network
Kansas City Museum
IBM Archives Exhibits
City of Vancouver Archives Digitized Holdings
Theatre Historical Society of America
Cuban Theater Digital Archive
Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture “Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing: How the Apollo Theater Shaped American Entertainment”
“For All the World to See: Visual Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights”
Vanderbilt Television News Archive
Providence Public Library: Civil War Ballads
Centro de Memoria da Educacao (Memory Center of Education, Brazil)
Moving Here
Pasadena Digital History Collaboration
CBHL: Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries, Inc.
Experimental Philosophy: Old and New (University of Otago)
Metropolitan Museum of Art Works of Art
American Federation of Teachers Historical Collection
Bridgeman Education
Princeton University Davies Project: History of Libraries in the United States
Library History Postcards
R.M.S. Titanic: 99 Years Later
AEGARON: Ancient Egyptian Architecture Online
University of Heidelberg digitized books on architecture and garden design
Architectura: French books on architecture
Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation: Women of 20th-century Architecture
SepiaTown: From here to then
The Wright Brothers in Photographs
ibiblio: The Public’s Library and Digital Archive
Digital Public Library of America