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Perspectives Issues

Periodically issues of JASIST include "Perspectives" issues. These pages are differentiated by a grey border from the normal JASIST content. Perspectives are focused on one theme or topic and are usually less scholarly than JASIST research articles, although many of the same standards for quality and review apply.  Perspectives are intended to inform readers on many aspects of a topic of cutting edge or basic interest. They contain readable, in-depth articles that offer definition, social implications, and meaning to the field of information science and practice without the inclusion of extensive and analytic details. The editor and guest editor serve as reviewers of the invited articles.

Past Perspectives Issues

    December, 1996 (v. 47, n. 11)
    Perspectives on...Distance Independent Education

    December, 1996 (v. 47, n. 3)
    Perspectives on...Costs and Pricing of Library and Information Services in

    December, 1995 (v. 46, n. 10)
                    Perspectives on...Medical Informatics: Information Technology in Health Care

    September, 1995 (v. 46, n.8)
                    Perspectives on... The Chemist's Workstation

    December, 1994 (v. 45, n.10)
                    Perspectives on... Electronic Publishing

    September, 1994 (v. 45, n. 8)
                    Perspectives on... Indexing

    June, 1994 (v. 45, n. 5)
                   Perspectives on...The Redesign/Reengineering of an Information Sciences Division
                   in a Major Health Sciences Institution

    September, 1993 (v. 44, n.8)
                    Perspectives on...Digital Libraries

    May, 1993 (v. 44, n. 4)
                    Perspectives on...Knowledge Utilization

Call for Proposals

    Suggestions and ideas for future Perspectives issues are always welcome. Please communicate suggestions and ideas to:

      Lois Lunin, Perspectives Editor
      c/o ASIST, 8555 16th Street, Suite 850
      Silver Spring MD 20910

      or to

      Please see the guidelines for Guest Editors.

    Perspectives in preparation or discussion include:

    • Distance Independent Learning (September, '96)
    • Information Policy
    • Computer Supported Collaborative Work
    • Copyright
    • Competitive Intelligence
    • The Implementation and Evaluation of an Integrated Information Center in an
      Academic Environment

Guidelines for Guest Editors, JASIST Perspectives



    Month 1

    Suggest topics (usually from 4 - 7 per issue) to fill 32 printed pages (109 manuscript pages including references). Issue can be more than 32 pages.

    Month 1

    Recommend authors (usually at least two for each topic; in the event that the first one contacted cannot accept the invitation, a second name is always available). Select authors on the basis of their knowledge of the topic, ability to write well, and track record of meeting a commitment.

    Month 1-2

    Discuss topics with authors and Lois Lunin.

    Month 2-3

    When topics and authors have been decided, invite authors.

    Month 2-3

    Tell Lunin names, addresses and phone numbers of those who accepted. Lunin follows with confirming letter, instructions to authors (format, style, deadline dates) and sample issue of Perspectives. Give author 6 weeks to 5 months to write.

    Month 3-8

    When manuscripts arrive (1 copy to guest editor, 3 copies to Lunin), guest editor reviews them for content, style, clarity, possible overlap with other articles in the issue; discusses each with Lunin and writes authors if necessary to request revisions.

    Month 4-9

    Prepare a portion of the Introduction and Overview which precedes the articles.

    Month 4-10

    When all papers are satisfactory, Lunin prepares them to send to editor of JASIST and, subsequently, to editorial office at Wiley.

    Month 10-15

    Perspectives appear in published JASIST.

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