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From:   Donald H. Kraft, Editor
        Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST)
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        Louisiana State University
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To: Potential JASIST Authors

Re: Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST)

As the Editor of the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), I solicit your support.  With your help and cooperation, I and the JASIST Editorial Board can continue to produce the quality journal you have come to expect.  JASIST readers expect high quality research and scholarly articles.  Readers know that the scholarly house organ of ASIST will have the latest research and applications results in a timely fashion.

JASIST seeks research articles, but also seeks articles in other forms, as well as application articles.  We have Perspectives and Special Topic Issues (and we are open to suggestions on topics and guest editors), plus
Opinion Papers, Brief Communications, European Research Letters, and best student papers; we also have Book Reviews and Letters to the Editor commenting on the key information science issues and the papers published

The Editorial Board also wants you to know that we are continually seeking quality articles for JASIST.  We are looking for scholarly articles in such areas as:

      (i) Theory of Information Science
      (ii) Communications
      (iii) Management, Economics, and Marketing
      (iv) Applied Information Science; and
      (v) Social and Legal Aspects of Information

The "Scope of JASIST" will describe appropriate areas in more detail. Of course, JASIST is a refereed journal, so all articles must be  reviewed by competent peers.  Anyone who would care to serve as a  referee should contact the Editor and should provide their name, address, and a list of keywords describing their interests vis-a-vis  areas in which they could and would review articles.  In addition,  JASIST also needs book reviewers.Those who have served previously as a referee or book reviewer should send the Editor an updated list of keywords.  Moreover, if anyone is interested in serving on the Editorial Board, helping to referee articles, seeking out new  articles, and creating editorial policy, please feel free to contact the Editor.

We also want to request that as you go to your places of work, read the professional literature, communicate with colleagues, and go to professional society meetings, you become the eyes and ears of JASIST. 

As you spot good work, let the Editorial Board know who is doing what that should be written up and submitted for publication in JASIST.  Please spread the good word, telling people with good ideas to write them down and send the manuscripts to the Editor.  This could generate a host of quality papers for the journal, and  would help promote ASIST as well.

Finally, you should feel free to contact any member of the JASIST Editorial Board, to give your input as to (i) how JASIST is doing to satisfy your needs; and (ii) how to improve JASIST to make it an even better journal and organ for ASIST. Any reactions, comments, and suggestions you might have will allow JASIST to further its goal of being the very best in the information science field.

Thank you for your consideration and your continuing support for JASIST. 

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