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Blaise Cronin, Editor

Introduction to Volume 38

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Volume 38 (2004): Authors and Chapter Titles

Ackerman, Mark, Halverson, Christine & Erickson, Tom
University of California at Irvine; IMB TJ Watson Research Center, USA
Ethnographic and Qualitative Studies of Knowledge Management

Bar-Ilan, Judith
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel The Use of Web Search Engines in Information Science Research

Bath, Peter
University of Sheffield, UK
Data Mining in Health and Medical Information

Chen, Hsinchun & Chau, Michael
University of Arizona, USA
Web Mining: Machine Learning for Web Applications

Dumais, Susan, Littman, Michael & Berry, Michael
Microsoft Research, USA; AT&T Research, USA; University of Kentucky, USA
Latent Semantic Analysis

Ellis, David
University of Aberystwyth, UK
Electronic Communication and Electronic Communities

Galloway, Patricia
University of Texas at Austin, USA
The Preservation of Electronic Records

Jones, Barbara & Miller, A.R.
Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
Social Capital and the Knowledge Society

Kingma, Bruce
Syracuse University, USA
Information Economics

Lynch, Clifford & Preston, Cecilia
Coalition for Networked Information; Preston & Lynch, USA
Collaborative Filtering and Recommender Systems

Lueg, Christopher & Robertson, Toni
University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Human-computer Interaction

Mostafa, Javed
Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
Information Retrieval Interaction and Interfaces

Oppenheim, Charles
Loughborough University, UK
Legal Issues with the WWW

Raschid, Louiqa, Christophides, Vassilis, Lacroix, Zoe, Mihaila, George & Plexousakis, Dimitris
University of Maryland at College Park, USA
Semantic Web

Robbin, Alice & Courtright, Christina
Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
Federal Information Policy

Smeaton, Alan
Dublin City University, Ireland
Indexing, Browsing and Searching Digital Video

Van House, Nancy
University of California at Berkeley, USA
Epistemic Communities