ASIS&T Member, Mats LIndquist, Wins The 2007 Tony Kent Strix Award For Advancing the Field of Information Retrieval

The award is given in recognition both of Professor Lindquist's key role in the development of accessibility to an information service, and for his sustained contribution to the field of information retrieval generally over a number of years. Between 1980 and 1992 Mats Lindquist alternated as President and Marketing Director of Paralog, a software company which developed and marketed text retrieval software: the TRIP system is still in very much in use. During that time he was mainly responsible for moving the system from an experimental service to a fully fledged commercial operation - something which parallels the work of Tony Kent in moving the UK Chemical Information Service from an experimental basis at Nottingham University to a fully operational service and, indeed, for some months they worked together. 

The nomination made clear that this is only one aspect of Professor Lindquist's work. His contributions to information science are too many and varied to list individually - as an academic and as senior executive officer at the National Library of Sweden, his commitment to moving information retrieval from a 'technical' solution for specialists to a more usable tool for a wider range of information managers and users particularly stands out.