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"ASIS&T has been in the midst of it all - its members designing, exploring, testing, building, using and marketing information products and services...  If you could join only one professional society, this would be the one."
Lois Lunin, Consultant

"Opportunities for professional growth inter-disciplinary networking, and learning about new technologies are far greater at ASIS&T than at most other organizations."
Helen Manning, Texas Instruments

"ASIS&T is my primary means for relating developments in the broader information world to my work in the online industry."
Randolph Hock, Consultant

"If we breed a nation of specialists and give them all the information in the world, we may find we know more and more about less and less."
Daniel Yankelovich
Yankelovich, Shelly & White

Only ASIS&T Bridges The Gap Between All Information Professionals...

What an irony, that a profession advocating the development, sharing and use of information remains so isolated.  Amazing techniques and technologies evolve daily in the fields of library and information science, communication, networking technologies, and computer science.  Yet as isolated groups, information professionals in one field often are insulated from developments in others.

ASIS&T is the only professional society that bridges the gap between one discipline and another... between the diverse needs of researchers, developers and end users... and between the challenge and opportunities associated with emerging technologies and applications.

ASIS&T Provides The People, Programs and Publications That Keep Your Career Moving Forward.

Whether you need to improve your productivity through better information retrieval, satisfy the information needs of your clients and constituents, or need to understand or affect information policies, ASIS&T is the only organization that can help you address all of these diverse needs.

  • Learn about the most exciting developments, not just in your specific field, but across the entire scope of the information science...
  • Get a head start on the evaluation of new technologies for enhanced productivity, separating fads from coming trends.  Make proactive, not reactive decisions...
  • Advance your work to the next level.  Locate researchers to compile or analyze the data you must have.  Find developers and consultants with technology, advice and solutions you need.  Or find end users who need your product...
  • Gain insight from the opinions and analysis of the nation's leading professionals on topics ranging from abstracting, indexing and artificial intelligence to international transborder data flow...
  • Prepare for changing consumer needs, economic globalization, policy shifts and increasing competition so you can maximize opportunities...
  • Contribute to the development of policies and standards that affect your and your field...
  • Hear from others who have employed new techniques to solve chronic problems...
  • Learn how to manage your career, your staff and your department through an outstanding selection of personal and professional growth workshops...

Free Subscriptions for Internationally-Recognized Publications

  • Favored by practitioners, the Bulletin of the Association for Information Science and Technology features news, opinions and analysis of the past, present and future of the information field.  Topics range from domestic and international information policy; to managing information organizations, resources and practices; to improving access to online and full text databases and networks.
  • Ranked among the top five journals by the Association College Research Libraries, the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST) reports on cutting-edge research and theoretical findings on the latest topics, such as... Designing Menu Selection Systems... Measuring Reference Practices... Query Formulation... Evaluation of Scientific Literature... Knowledge Assisted Documents Retrieval... Accelerating Text Searching... Clustering Analysis... Information Transfer... End-User Mediated Searches... System Design and Cataloging... Automatic Syntactic Analysis... and more.

Special Interest Groups and Local Chapters Offer Insight

ASIS&T offers the best of both worlds: participation in industry-wide development and networking with peers in your specific field.  Join any one SIG for free, and pay only $6 each for any others.  See a detailed list of SIGs here.

You'll also receive free membership to a local ASIS&T Chapter to add an extra measure of career advancement, education, and regional awareness.  The chapter will be your local support group, with meetings and publications keeping you moving forward on a daily basis.

Discounted Rates to ASIS&T Conferences

  • ASIS&T conferences attract members from virtually every profession.  Lawyers, bankers, electronic and print publishers, government, business, librarians, engineers, social scientists, information managers, computer scientists, and many others are a part of ASIS&T, leading the information field to the next horizon.
  • Our Annual and Summits boast exciting presentations from research and industry leaders, opportunities for intense personal interaction and awards recognizing excellence in all aspects of the industry.  As an ASIS&T member, you'll gain greater understanding of developments within the outside your field.

Education and Career Development Offer Career Fulfillment

Keep abreast of the latest techniques and topics with top-of-the-line instructors in information  science, technology and practice in the ASIS&T Professional Development and Continuing Education Program with no-nonsense programs in expert systems, indexing, hypertext engineering, financial management and budgeting, telecommunications technologies, imaging and image databases, strategic planning, library automation and much, much more.

  • Tutorials bring you up to speed on current emerging techniques and technologies.
  • Professional Seminars give you in-depth exposure to the core competencies of a forward-looking information professional.

Every month you'll receive our member Jobline newsletter, highlighting career opportunities across the country.  And the ASIS&T Placement Center at annual conferences offers you free assistance in your search for a new career or key new employee.

Save Money On Your Insurance and ASIS&T Publications

ASIS&T membership affords you considerable discounts on valuable items, such as insurance and discounts on publications such as prestigious Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, ASIS&T books, monographs, and briefing papers.

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