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What is RSS?

RSS is a type of technology that lets you keep track of any new information provided by web sites that you care about. If a site provides their updates via RSS you will usually see the orange or blue button XML and/or the words "subscribe to the feed" on their web page. All you need is a "RSS aggregator" or "feed reader" and you will be able to receive the updates in one place rather than having to go check all the web sites individually to see if there is anything new. Below are some basic instructions to get started.

If you use the most recent Firefox or Safari browsers, you can track updates right in your browser. Or you can register with a web-based aggregator/reader and keep track of all the sites you like on one easily bookmarked page. If you are having any trouble, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

October 2005, NEW TUTORIAL - John Iliff of Palinet just introduced a great new tutorial for getting started:

Browser-based Aggregators/Readers

Firefox browser

You can get live updates right from your toolbar with the "New Live Bookmark" function in the latest version (1.0.4) of the Firefox browser.

1. Get or update your Firefox browser to version 1.0.4.
2. Go to the ICISC Home Page and click on the orange button or the words "subscribe to the RSS/XML feed" .
3. Don't Panic! Ignore all the nasty code that appears, and just focus on what the URL is at the top of the browser. Copy the URL from that page.
4. Click "Bookmarks" at the top of your toolbar and select Manage Bookmarks.
5. In the window that opens, go to File and click on "New Live Bookmark."
6. In the window that opens, change the words "New Live Bookmark" to the name of the site you are subscribing to (e.g. "ICISC"), and paste the URL you just copied into the line below where it says "Feed Location."
7. Click Okay.
8. In your "Manage Bookmarks" window you will now have a new folder in your bookmarks list with whatever name you just used. Move that folder into the top of your Personal Toolbar folder (or anywhere you like), and close the Manage Bookmarks window.
9. If you moved the folder into your Personal Toolbar folder, you should now see the folder on your toolbar. Click on it and you will see a little orange icon with the name of the folder next to it. If you mouseover it you should see the headlines from the page you just "live bookmarked."
10. Congratulations, you've just joined the future!

Safari also offers an internal feed reader/aggregator. For all you MAC heads, here are the Safari RSS Instructions

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Web-based Aggregators/Readers

Web-based Aggregators/Readers store the headlines/updates of all your favorite web sites on a single page and often have the advantage of giving you a little paragraph as well as the headline. They will also delete the headlines/updates you've read, so you will only see new stuff. They are also good if you are away from your main computer alot and want to check your feeds over the web. There are lots of RSS aggregators/readers out there (some Top Picks). Bloglines is one of the top ones. It's free, web-based for access from anywhere, and you can probably get yourself set up in less than 10 minutes.

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