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In the interest of facilitating interaction among like-minded professionals working on information problems around the world, we offer this page of links to societies and electronic fora that may be of interest. The list is far from complete and we welcome further links and/or descriptions to expand the list (particularly resources in languages other than English). Please send links and brief annotations (75 words or less) to us via the Contact Form, or by e-mail to

Information Science Research and Education

If you are looking for information about Information Science academic programs or electronic journals and newsletters, please refer to the Information research site maintained by Prof. T. Wilson:

Also of interest may be: Academic Info - AcademicInfo is an online education resource center with extensive subject guides and distance learning information. Of particular interest may be the Computer Science Degrees and Resources Online

Information Science Societies & Networks, Electronic Fora, Rotating Conferences, Related Calendars, and Miscellaneous

Societies & Networks

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Electronic Fora

Many of the societies listed above (ASIS&T, IFLA, ACM, IEEE) maintain discussion lists, blogs or other electronic fora related to special interest groups. The fora below may also be of interest.

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Rotating Conferences

Many of the societies listed above have standing conferences (IFLA being perhaps among the longest running and most well known). There are other standing conferences, however, that occur regularly but whose sponsorship and location rotates.

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Related Calendars

In this section we offer links to calendars produced by other societies or networks in related fields. Some of the events they list may be included in the ICISC Calendar, but others may also be of interest.

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The following are resources that may be of interest but don't fit neatly into one of the other categories

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