International Calendar of Information Science Conferences (ICISC)

Instructions for Adding an Event

A collaboration between the International Information Issues SIG and the European and New England chapters of the Association for Information Science & Technology
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Submission Policy

We encourage any individual or organization to submit conferences for inclusion in the International Calendar of Information Science Conferences. Only actual conference dates are to be listed. No calls for papers, deadlines, or reminders will be included on the calendar, although a blog is being developed which will be appropriate for these types of messages. Responsibility for the content of any conference listing lies with the individual or organization who submits it and neither ASIS&T or the chapters or SIG can be held responsible.

The calendar is primarily focused on international events and those relevant to information science. To avoid overcrowding the calendar with too many tangential or US-centric conferences, we reserve the right to restrict postings to reflect a geographically balanced and and topically useful calendar.

Although the calendar is at the moment in English, we welcome announcements in any language that may be presented with Latin characters; in that case please provide at least an English translation of placeCountry, place and title of the conference (e.g., THAILAND, Bangkok: International Asian Conference on Digital Libraries, IACDL).

Instructions for Adding a Conference Directly Into the Calendar

Click on the images for a larger view.

A. Select the month and year that the event begins from the selection row at the top of the calendar.

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B. Scroll to the bottom of the Calendar and, in the "Add" row, select the link named "Duration."

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C. Select "Create" at the top of the window.

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D. Enter the conference information.

  1. Enter the summary conference information in this format: "COUNTRY, City: Conference Title and acronym or full name of sponsoring organization(s)" in the block titled "Calendar Text."
    (e.g., THAILAND, Bangkok: International Asian Conference on Digital Libraries, IACDL)

  2. Select a region of the world from the "Category" drop down menu.
         We encourage the use of this calendar to coordinate conference planning with others by posting tentative conference dates. **If conference dates are not yet final, please select "Proposed," regardless of region.

  3. Type or paste your conference description in the block titled "Pop Up or URL link."
         Please note that if you include the URL of the conference web page, an e-mail address, or any HTML marked text, you must mark up all text in HTML before pasting it. Plain text can be pasted and will display normally, but only if there is no URL, EMAIL address or HTML tag in the box.

  4. Select the Start and End dates.

  5. Click Submit at the bottom of the window.

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E. You will be returned to the "Duration" window where you will see your event in the list. (As a security precaution against unauthorized deletions, you are not currently able to edit your entry. If you've made a mistake, please Contact Us and we will correct your entry.)

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F. Click on the yellow block at the top left that says "View Calendar" to return to the calendar.

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REMINDER: You are also able to submit events through the Submission Form on this site or by sending details directly by e-mail to

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