Information for Accepted Presentations

Congratulations on your paper or panel proposal's having been accepted. Now we can move on to important details.

First, you should make certain you prepare your paper or session abstract (for panel sessions) and submit it on time and in accordance with the appropriate style guidelines.  Otherwise, your session or paper will not appear in the Proceedings, the formal record of the meeting.  Second, make sure you have completed the required forms, especially the various audio-visual request forms.  Then you can check the speakers or moderator guides, as appropriate, as you get ready for your presentation.

  • The Proceedings Guidelines tell you how to prepare materials for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings
  • The Speaker's Guide, gives presenters important information about preparing for your presentation
  • The Moderator's Guide, give Session Moderators important information about communicating with session speakers, and organizing and running the session.
  • All Speakers and Moderators are required to complete and submit informational forms prior to their presentations. These forms are found at the Required Forms page.

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