Research Data Access and Preservation Summit Program

Friday, April 9, 2010
8:30 9:00 Summit Introduction
Gary Marchionini - Introductions
Reagan Moore Overview on socialization of collections versus life cycle management
9:00 10:30 Panel 1 - Data Life Cycle Management (top-down re-use scenario)
Panel Questions:
Which phases of the data life cycle are managed by your repository?
How do data management requirements differ across the data life cycle?
What systems do you use to support the data life cycle?
Can you generalize the mechanisms used to migrate data between different phases of the data life cycle?
Panel Participants:
M. McFarland, Texas Digital Repository  {PowerPoint]
Sarah Michalak, Carolina Digital Repository [PowerPoint presented by Erin O'Meara]
Stacy Kowalczyk, Indiana University [PowerPoint]
Cynthia Ghering, Michigan State University [Paper]
Michael Wright, National Science Digital Library [Paper]
10:30 11:00 Break
11:00 12:30 Panel 2 - Promoting Re-use of Scientific Data Collections 
Panel Questions:
How do you handle organization of collections today?
What are the biggest issues with building collections for new communities?
When new communities access existing data collections, what new access capabilities are required?
What level of description is required to meet expectations of new communities?
Is long-term sustainability enabled through repurposing of collections?
Are their other driving purposes behind promoting re-use of collections?
Which institutions can be approached for sustaining re-purposed collections?
Panel Participants:
Peter Wittenburg, Max Planck Society, Institute for Pyscholinguistics [PowerPoint]
Sudha Ram, iPlant Collaborative [Paper]
Roy Williams, International Virtual Observatory Alliance [PowerPoint]
John Harrison, SHAMAN [PowerPoint Talk, PowerPoint Responses]
Jonathan Crabtree, Odum Social Science Institute [PowerPoint]
12:30 1:30 Lunch
1:30 3:00 Panel 3 - Large-Scale Data Management Challenges (bottom-up drivers for infrastructure): Chair William Michener
Panel Questions:
What technical solutions exist that meet your academic project requirements?
What technical solutions exist that meet corporate requirements?
What requirements are unique to the academic environment?
What requirements are unique to the corporate environment?
Are there common approaches for managing large-scale collections?
Panel Participants:
John Orcutt, Ocean Observatories Initiative
Ed Kearns, National Climatic Data Center [PowerPoint presented by Kenneth Galluppi]
Laurin Herr, Cinegrid [PowerPoint]
Philip Maechling, Southern California Earthquake Center [PowerPoint]
3:00 3:30 Break
3:30 5:00 Panel 4 - DataNet Federation: Chair William Anderson
Panel Questions:
How challenges are addressed by your data management infrastructure?
What are the current practices for data management, curation, preservation?
What are the interoperability mechanisms for federating registries, ontologies, and processing models (workflows)?
"What do you see to be the biggest challenges and opportunities with respect to evolution of a DataNet Federation?"
"What is your vision for a DataNet Federation?"
Panel Participants:
Bill Michener, DataOne
Sayeed Choudhury, Data Conservancy [PowerPoint]
Reagan Moore, DataNet Federation Consortiuim [PowerPoint]
5:00 6:00 Break
6:00 8:00 Poster and Demonstration Session / Reception
Brad McLean, Fedora
Reagan Moore, iRODS
Alan Tackett, L-Store
John Harrison, SHAMAN
Saturday April 10, 2010
8:30 10:00  Panel 5 - Developing Assessment Criteria
Panel Questions:
Who defines the required assessment criteria?
How is a consensus reached on the required assessment criteria?
Can an international standard form the basis for assessment criteria?
Are assessment criteria dependent upon the organizing community?
Panel Participants:
Mark Conrad, NARA LCDRG and ISO MOIMS-rac [PowerPoint]
Jane Greenberg, Dryad [PowerPoint]
John Graybeal, Ocean Observatories Initiative
Steve Richard, Arizona Geological Society [PowerPoint]
10:00 10:30 Break
 10:30 12:00 Panel 6 - Legal and Social Implications of Shared Collections
Panel Questions:
For your domain, what are the legal requirements related to data management (Sarbanes-Oxley, IRB, HIPAA, IP)?
What implications does sharing of data impose on data management systems?
Can legal requirements be expressed as policies that automate enforcement?
What are the issues (legal, proprietary, accessibility) behind internationally shared collections?
Panel Participants:
Ann Zimmerman, University of Michigan [PowerPoint]
Noshir Contractor, Northwestern University [PowerPoint]
Melissa Cragin [PowerPoint]
12:00 12:30 Summary
12:30 1:30 Lunch for those participating in tutorials
1:30 3:00 Tutorial Session 1
Brad McLean, Duraspace
3:00 3:30 Break
3:30 5:00 Tutorial Session 2
Reagan Moore, iRODS [PowerPoint]