ASIS Midyear Meeting, May 1999
Submit a Letter of Intent by June 15, 1999!

 Selected papers, presentations, and other contributions from participants at the ASIS 1999 Midyear Conference may be submitted for publication in a book titled Evaluating Networked Information: Methods, Strategies, and Issues.  The primary topics covered in the book are those emphasized for coverage at the ASIS 1999 Midyear conference, Network:

Use                                       Evaluation
Measurement                              Theory
Technology               Social Implications
Education/training                         Policy

Papers should clearly discuss these topics in terms of evaluating networked services and resources.  The book will be edited by the Conference Co-Chairs, Charles R. McClure, John Carlo Bertot, and Carol A. Hert and published as part of the ASIS monograph series.

 The purpose of the book is to describe the current state of affairs regarding the evaluation of networked information resources and services.  The audience will be academics and practitioners who need to actually plan and  do evaluations of networked information services and resources.

 Submissions may be based on contributed papers, presentations, or panels from the conference.  Contributions are also welcome from conference attendees who may not have presented at the conference but are working on or who have papers appropriate for the topic of the book.

 Participants and attendees at the ASIS 1999 Midyear conference who wish to contribute to the book should submit an "intent to submit" letter that includes an abstract of 300-500 words with

 All intentions to submit should be emailed to the editors (see email addresses for McClure, Bertot, and Hert at end of announcement) no later than June 15, 1999.  These extended abstracts will be peer reviewed. Authors will be notified by July 1 of their acceptance status.  Draft papers will be submitted (as per guidelines to be provided) to the editors no later than September 1. Authors will then have one month to make editorial changes suggested by the editors.  We expect papers to be in the 18-22 page range but are open to exceptions. The book will appear early in 2000.

 These dates are firm and fixed!  Authors submitting an “intent to submit” agree to meet the above deadlines.  If authors are unsure about being able to meet these deadlines then they should not submit.  We want papers to be published in a timely fashion.

 This approach to ASIS proceedings varies from that used in the past for a number of reasons.  First, the book can include submissions from both presentors and attendees; secondly, we hope that the submissions will be stronger as a result of knowledge and information gained from attending the conference; and finally, the editors can better organize, direct, and manage the content of the publication.

 We hope you will be interested in participating in this monograph and look forward to receiving your "letter of intent to submit" with abstract by June 15, 1999!

Charles R. McClure <>
John Carlo Bertot <jcbertot@csc.albany.ed>
Carol A. Hert <>