ASIS Midyear Meeting, May 1999



        Saturday, May 22
               3:30 pm ASIS Board of Directors

        Sunday, May 23
                8:30 am ASIS Board of Directors
                1:00 pm SIG Cabinet
                2:45 pm ASIS Officer reports
                3:00 pm Chapter Assembly
                4:30 pm Leadership Development

        Monday, May 24
                Noon    Leadership Development Committee
                Noon    Education Committee
                5:30 pm  Constitution and Bylaws Committee
                5:30 pm  Membership Committee

        Tuesday, May 25
                Noon    Awards and Honors Committee
                Noon    Standards Committee
                6:00 pm ASIS Board of Directors

        Wednesday, May 26
                1:00 pm  ASIS Board of Directors

Tour of the Getty Museum
Wednesday, 1:00pm departure. $20.

The J. Paul Getty Museum collection is centered on Greek and Roman antiquities, Renaissance and Baroque paintings, and European decorative arts. The gardens include trees, flowers, shrubs, and herbs like those that might have been found growing in the Mediterranean region two thousand years ago.  The various permanent collections include Antiquities (Greek and Roman vases, gems, luxury ware, etc.);  Manuscripts (scripture, liturgy, science, etc.); Paintings (esp. Italian  Renaissance and Baroque; Gericault's Portrait Study; Renoir's La Promenade); Decorative Arts (esp. French Decorative Arts from approximately 1660 to 1790); Sculpure and Works of Art(e.g., Cellini's Satyr; Northern European sculpture, and French eighteenth and nineteenth-century works); Photographs (25,000 individual prints from the 1830s to the 1960s, thousands of daguerreotypes, and about 30,000 stereographs and cartes-de-visite; images by Alfred Stieglitz, Edward Weston, etc.); Drawings (Rembrandt, da Vinci, Holbein, Daumier, Degas, Manet, Cezanne, etc.)

1999 Leadership Development Workshop
Sunday, 4:30 pm

The 1999 Mid-Year ASIS Leadership Development Workshop will focus on a topic important  to chapter, SIG, and Committee officers:  how to broaden member participation.  A Cornucopeia of Things Volunteers Can Do will offer practical suggestions for how to identify potential volunteers, how to break up projects into doable pieces for volunteers, how to motivate and encourage volunteers, and how to handle "difficult" volunteers.  There is no charge for attending this session, but please register in advance.