ASIS Midyear Meeting, May 1999


Evaluating and Using Networked Information Resources and Services

Access to and use of networked information resources and services over the Internet continues to explode with new and innovative applications as well as in new and unforeseen applications. Traditional uses such as email, web searching, and uploading/downloading files also continues to grow. Commercial applications and uses of the network also are growing and as the "Digital Economy" expands, impacts on society are also likely to occur.

In the last three years the number of domain names has increased by 600%. Government agencies continue to provide Web-based services, in some cases exclusively in electronic format. Entire network-based communities have been created to provide information and services, and to develop social spaces unbounded by geography. Indeed, the networked environment creates opportunities for service innovation, provision, distribution, and capabilities well beyond traditional means.

The development and provision of these innovative services is hindered by our limited knowledge of users and uses of networks, as well as by the lack of ongoing evaluation and assessment of networked resources. To a large degree, there is limited knowledge about users and uses of the network, nor is there much ongoing evaluation and assessment of networked information services and resources. Thus, the primary goals of the conference are to:


Program Chairs:
Charles McClure, Syracuse University.
John Carlo Bertot, State University of New York at Albany.
Carol A. Hert, Syracuse University.

Program Committee:
Anne M. Buck, California Institute of Technology.
Michael Crandall, Boeing Company.
Geoffrey Ford, University of Bristol.
Ed Fox, Virginia Tech.
Carol A. Hert, Syracuse University.
Paul Kantor, Rutgers University.

Website Authors:
Jeffrey Pomerantz, Syracuse University.
Sarah Allen, Syracuse University.

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