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Come explore collaborative theories, strategies, applications,
outcomes and technologies.

Most organizations adopt collaborative work practices to solve complex problems and produce innovative products. To collaborate effectively, participants must explore and integrate knowledge and practices from diverse domains to come to an understanding of the work process and expected outcomes. A variety of experience, specialized languages and differences in work patterns, culture, perceptions of quality and success, organizational priorities and constrains, can make this process difficult.

Plenary Speakers
Jeffrey D. Smith
Michael Schrage
Jeff Smith is a researcher at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT) Multimedia Communications Laboratories in Palo Alto, CA USA. His research interests include CSCW, organizational theory and design, and classical rhetoric. 

One of his current projects is EColabor, a collaborative requirements analysis system. Part of his work with EColabor focuses on the design of a distributed media server and control protocols as part of the IETF MMUSIC architecture. He is also involved with "Ingrid," a global, distributed search infrastructure, and a multicast debugging and monitoring tool, tentatively called mtool.

A Merrill Lynch Forum Innovation Fellow, Michael Schrage writes and consults widely on the design and deployment of digital innovations. He is executive director of Merrill Lynch's Innovation Grant Competition and executive producer of IDG's Spotlight conference on interactive media. He explores technology design issues as a research associate with MIT's Media Lab. 

Schrage's ongoing work focuses on the role of prototypes, collaborative worknets and organizational media to support innovation. His book about the cultures of prototyping and simulation in business - Getting Real - will be published by Harvard Business School Press. 

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