ASIS Midyear '98 Proceedings

Collaboration Across Boundaries:
Theories, Strategies, and Technology

Plenary Speaker

Jeffrey D. Smith

Jeff Smith is a researcher at Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT), currently at the NTT Multimedia Communications Laboratories in Palo Alto, CA USA. His research interests include CSCW, organizational theory, organizational design, and classical rhetoric.

One current project is EColabor, a collaborative requirements analysis system. Part of his work with EColabor is designing a distributed media server and control protocols. Other activities include "Ingrid," a global, distributed search infrastructure, and a multicast debugging and monitoring tool, tentatively called mtool.

Following his plenary presentation, Jeff will demonstrate EColabor, an active hypermedia for collaboratively elaborating documents. EColabor is designed to address problems in communication, agreement, and change management in document production, which are reportedly significant but rarely addressed. Based on the Inquiry Cycle model, EColabor supports stakeholders in systematically managing their documents. EColabor records all the processes of elaborating documents in shared hypermedia and provides comprehensive support for utilizing these records, applying multimedia and CSCW technologies to the document production process. The main technical challenges we are faced with are: (1) to establish feasible multimedia communication technology by using the Internet, (2) to integrate synchronous and asynchronous CSCW technologies, which have been independently developed, and (3) to develop a model and tools for multimedia note-taking. Conventionally, research on multimedia tends towards presentation. EColabor emphasizes support for authoring (or note-taking) multimedia information instead.

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