ASIS Midyear '98 Proceedings

Collaboration Across Boundaries:
Theories, Strategies, and Technology

Student-Faculty Interactions
across Distances

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One obvious effect of a distance learning program is that faculty and students are no longer assumed to be geographically local to each other. This change in physical distance implies a change in communication patterns. In this panel, a faculty member in the University of Illinois' LEEP3 program will discuss her perspectives on the quality of faculty-student interaction. In addition, the results of a research study of faculty-student interaction in the University of North Texas' distance education program will be reported.


A Faculty Member's Perspective
Christine Jenkins, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Viola Osborne, University of North Texas

Evaluation of PlaceWare Auditorium in a Distance Learning Experiment
Susan Dziadosz, University of Michigan

Moderator: Gretchen Whitney, University of Tennessee

Panel presented at the 1998 midyear meeting of the Association for Information Science, May 17-20, 1998, Orlando, Florida.

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