ASIS Midyear '98 Proceedings

Collaboration Across Boundaries:
Theories, Strategies, and Technology

Developing a Culture of Measurement:
Using Information to Foster Collaboration

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Information technology continues to spread beyond traditional settings into new areas such as primary and behavioral health care. If successful collaboration occurs, innovative technology can lead various stakeholders to learn a common language and agree on common goals, thereby increasing organizational effectiveness. What factors determine success and failure in the development, adoption, and use of technology? What organizational and psychological dimensions must be addressed to align individual needs, group interests, and organizational culture? The panelists will describe research, strategies, and experiences with implementing information technology in health care organizations.

Grant Grissom will describe research on how information technology enabled an residential unit to shift its organizational paradigm and to significantly increase organizational effectiveness. David Marion consults to health care organizations that are implementing innovative information technology. He will analyze factors critical to the outcome of such efforts. Linda Marion will discuss the continuing evolution of innovative technology in one organization via results of interviews with stakeholders.


Developing a Culture of Measurement
Grant Grissom, Field Diagnostic Services, Inc.

Strategies for Successful Implementation of Information Technology in Health Care Organizations
David Marion,Widener University

Once is Not Enough: The Need for Continuing Collaboration
Linda Marion, Drexel University

Moderator: Jacqueline Trolley, Institute for Scientific Information

Panel presented at the 1998 midyear meeting of the Association for Information Science, May 17-20, 1998, Orlando, Florida.

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