ASIS Midyear '98 Proceedings

Collaboration Across Boundaries:
Theories, Strategies, and Technology



If We Build It, They Will Come:

Collaboration in Advancing
Information Arcade-inspired
Teaching and Learning Spaces

Barbara Dewey

University of Iowa

This demonstration describes the process to date with next generation advancements in building collaborative learning and teaching environments. The current "Arcade" consists of an electronic classroom, multimedia workstations, an ethernet connection, and connections to a diversity of resources. The commons is a central support and delivery venue for courseware development, classroom instruction, health-related research, and independent learning. Arctic (Advanced Real Time Information Center) resulted from collaboration between the university libraries, the College of Business Administration, and industry partners, and incorporates state-of-the-art interactive technologies for financial trading markets. Several other aspects will also be described. It is hoped that this demonstration of existing and works-in-progress will provide some useful models for planning high-tech collaborative physical spaces as well as a debate on the future of such facilities.


Demonstration presented at the 1998 midyear meeting of the Association for Information Science, May 17-20, 1998, Orlando, Florida.

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