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Saturday, November 2, 2013, 10:30am

Locating Subject Matter Enthusiasts via a Social, Integrated and Visually Rich Interface

Nirmala Palaniappan


Expertise location has been around for several years now. Organizations allow their employees to search for a name or expertise area which returns a list of names and their details. Such an interface while useful is not particularly attractive or appealing. Intuitive interfaces and platforms can make a world of difference to users. They can bring back the users time and again and urge them to explore the tool. This, consequently, helps in providing serendipity and a more enjoyable user experience. It can change obscurity to popularity. This talk is about a refreshing and innovative design of an expertise location platform using visual maps. The platform also provides for social features that display experts based on their popularity. Finally, the platform understands the importance of integration with existing systems and connects - dynamically 

- with the organizational HR database as well as the content management system to show their profiles and asset contributions among other things. The platform has already received very good reviews from users for its friendly interface and interesting features. This author would be keen to share her experiences and ideas with the audience and receive feedback from them. 

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