Communication, Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Friday, November 1, 2013, 1:30pm

Human Resource Development Perspectives On Knowledge Management: An Integrative Literature Review

Robin Tamez, Robin Mayes and Jeff Allen


The literature affirms that, while the fields of Knowledge Management (KM) Human Resource Development (HRD) have unique characteristics, there are areas in which they share similar traits, including common missions, objectives, and tasks. KM and HRD practices that focus on the accumulation and transfer of knowledge and skills throughout an organization, through shared knowledge and organizational intelligence, are important factors in organizational success. While there is a growing amount of research and literature in both KM and HRD, there is scant literature on KM as it is applied to the field of HRD. The purpose of this integrated literature review is to identify the processes, models, and theories common to both HRD and KM. This article contributes to the field of KM by identifying these commonalities, better approaches to professional preparation can be developed and more effective methods of reaching HRD and KM goals may be identified.

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