Project and Knowledge Management

Friday, November 1, 2013, 3:30pm

Building Capacity for Research Data Curation and Management

Jeonghyun Kim and Ana Krahmer


There is an opportunity to train information professionals and researchers who may be responsible for managing data for scientific and scholarly projects. This provided the justification for the Information, Curate, Archive, Manage, Preserve (iCamp) project at the University of North Texas. Funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), this three-year project (2011-2014) aims to develop curriculum in digital curation and data management. The first course developed by the project, Digital Curation and Data Management Fundamentals, is designed to bolster graduates’ credentials in data curation and management through reinforcement and education of theoretical infrastructure. It is specifically intended to serve not only LIS students and professionals who need training and/or retraining for data curation as well as management responsibilities, but also researchers from other disciplines who may be responsible for managing data for scientific and scholarly projects similar to those responsibilities required in NSF grant applications. The course has been developed, and we have offered it twice: in Summer 2012 and in Spring 2013. 

Our work-in-progress presentation will describe the development, implementation, and assessment of the course. 

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