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Saturday, November 2, 2013, 10:30am

A User-Centered Collaborative Framework for Integrated Information Services in China

Qian Hu and Jiangping Chen


Chinese government has supported the design and development of a variety of information resources such as online catalogues, full-text databases, and industrial information portals. These precious information resources, however, have not yet been effectively used by Chinese corporate users. As a result, corporate information users face the challenges such as failed to locate needed information, expensive information access, and inaccurate information. This paper proposes a user-centered collaborative framework for providing integrated information services (IIS) to corporate users in China. The framework is conceptualized based on literature review of IIS models and a case study of an IIS system in Hubei Province. We provide suggestions and future research with regard to the implementation of effective and efficient information services for corporate users based on the proposed framework.

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