Competitive Intelligence

Saturday, November 2, 2013, 10:30am

Competitive Intelligence for Public Sector Organizations Within the Knowledge Economy in South Africa

Nisha Sewdass


Managers require some form of information and knowledge that can assist or that compels them to take certain decisions regarding the functioning and performance of the organisation. With technological innovations and globalisation, the situation has now escalated to new levels forcing organisations to stop and take stock of what is happening and what needs to be done. The aim of public sector departments in the country is to lead the modernisation of the public service by assisting government departments to implement their management policies, systems and structural solutions within a generally applicable framework of norms and standards in order to improve service delivery. Furthermore, public sector departments exist to serve the needs of the citizens of the country and all citizens have the right to expect high quality public services that meet their needs. The aim of public service departments in South Africa is to improve service delivery through the transformation and improvement of human resources and the improvement of service delivery practices. This study focuses on how the implementation of CI strategies in the public service departments can assist these departments to identify and understand their competition better and to be able to benchmark themselves against the best practices that are available. This will certainly lead to a more competitive service delivery to the citizens within the knowledge economy. 

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