Communication, Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Friday, November 1, 2013, 1:30pm

Impact of Funding on Scientific Output and Collaboration

Ashkan Ebadi, Hadi Shahidi Nejad and Andrea Schiffauerova


This document critically reviews the papers that investigated the impact of funding on scientific output and on scientific collaboration. For the output, the focus is on the number of articles as a measure of the scientific productivity and the number of citations that a paper received as an indicator of the quality while rate and patterns of collaboration have been addressed in the literature for studying scientific collaboration. Various methodological approaches have been adopted (e.g. bibliometrics , statistical analysis) for this purpose. Reviewing the literature revealed that although the general assumption of the positive effect of funding on scientific development is completely (or partially) acknowledged in some studies, one can also find some contradictory results. In addition, analyzing the impact of funding on scientific output has attracted more attention of the researchers while investigating the impact of funding on collaboration has been recently taken into consideration. 

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