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Saturday, November 2, 2013, 10:30am

An Opinion Evolution Model Based on Social Reinforcement on Microblog Network

Lili Rong, Quan Liu, Yanzhong Dang and Donghua Pan


Microblog is playing a more and more important role on the evolution of public opinions. This paper proposes an opinion evolution model on microblog network, in which the memory effects and social reinforcement on opinion spreading are taken into account. The following conclusions are reached through simulation. When the proportion of two initial opinions diverges largely among individuals, the opinions are more likely to evolve to dictatorship state. The opinions distribution in final state is closely tied to the proportion of initial opinions, spreading rate, memory effects and social reinforcement, while irrelevant to the out-degree and opinion of initial infected agent. This work provides insights into the opinion evolution on social media, and gives reference to the guidance of public opinions.

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