Communication, Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Friday, November 1, 2013, 1:30pm

Quantitative Study of Affection Generated by Knowledge Exchange in Team

Yutong Li and Yanzhong Dang


Trust has been noted as a key component for the success of knowledge management. Recent research on affection in interpersonal trust with empirical research suggests that affection plays a critical role on team effectiveness,knowledge transfer and sharing in team.Yet,the empirical research only obtains a certain period of affection reflecting interpersonal trust;it can't observe the dynamic change of affection.And the empirical data is lacking universality, which is merely focused on a designated team. We give a primitive attempt, by using an agent-based computational model,to explore interpersonal trust,especially to study the quantitative method of emotion and affection generated by knowledge exchange and factors on emotional and affective intensity.We hope that our bold attempt improves the understandings of affection generation and development,and provides a new method to study team effectiveness using agent-based modeling simulations as a supplement of the empirical research. 

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