Knowledge Management and Healthcare

Saturday, November 2, 2013, 1:30pm

Competencies of Information and Knowledge Professionals in the use of Health Information System: A Case Study

Sajjad Rehman, Abdus Sattar Chaudhry and Hanadi Al-Humaidy


A health information system (HIS) provides automated solutions for clinical, informational, and managerial life in a hospital. In order to optimally benefit from an HIS system, it is imperative that information and knowledge professionals are adequately equipped with appropriate information and knowledge capabilities. Jahra Public Hospital, one of the major hospitals in Kuwait, has applied HIS, which has become critical for recording and disseminating needed information and knowledge among IK (information and knowledge) professionals. A case study has been conducted that analyzes preparedness of IK professionals with regard to their computing, professional and behavioral profiles in the use of HIS. The role and performance of managerial and computing sections has been analyzed in developing needed capabilities among stakeholders in the health care business. The study has used a variety of methods of examining documentation, administration of questionnaire, conduct of interview, holding focus groups, and using observations. The finding of the study are expected to help health authorities in making appropriate strategic decisions for developing competencies among IK professionals in effective use and deployment of HIS in all the hospitals of the country. 

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