Competitive Intelligence

Saturday, November 2, 2013, 10:30am

Web 2.0 as a Tool for Market Intelligence Acquisition

Ching Seng Yap, Boon Liat Cheng and Kum Lung Choe


Web 2.0 applications have changed the marketing landscape in todayís businesses. Applications such as social networks, blogs, content aggregators, online forum, and content communities are used by businesses as a powerful marketing communication tool for disseminating product information, obtaining feedback from customers, and creating online communities. While research on Web 2.0 applications as marketing communication tools has been abundant, there has been relatively little research conducted on the use of these emerging applications for market intelligence acquisition. Marketing managers and executives can acquire market intelligence from Web 2.0 applications such as customerís product reviews, trends in customer preferences, reviews of associated products, and competitorsí product information. This study aims to investigate the current state of market intelligence practices in terms of acquisition, analysis, and use of market intelligence from various sources in general and from Web 2.0 applications in specific, among hotels and tour operators. Besides, basing on the conception of information processing literature, this study proposes an indirect link between perceived environment uncertainty and firm performance through market intelligence practices. Data will be collected from marketing managers and executives of hotels and tour operators via semi-structured interview and questionnaire survey. It is hoped that this study will provide preliminary findings on the use of emerging Web 2.0 applications for market intelligence acquisition and the potential link between market intelligence practices and firm performance. 

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