Knowledge Management Tools

Friday, November 1, 2013, 1:30pm

Blogs and Wikis: Experiential KM Tools to Actively Engage Business Students

Michael Sutton and Linda Muir


The authors describe three case studies of experiential learning and the application of a blogs and wikis to undergraduate and graduate level MBA courses: 1) Personal Knowledge Management and Team-based Knowledge Management; 2) Foundations of Knowledge Mobilization (KMb); and 3) Lectures in Entrepreneurship. 

The purpose of these exploratory and explanatory cases was to report on the observations of the learners to experiential-based exercises in a traditional classroom environment, where blogs and wikis formed the basis for knowledge codification and capture, sharing, and dissemination between classes. 

Learners comprised teams that were tasked to develop deeper knowledge about KM/KMb and business experiences by using the blogs and wikis. Personal blogs and wikis were used by all the learners, (most for the first time), to generate team-based project knowledge and individual knowledge within reflection journals, (learning journals). Finally, the author outlines an approach for using experiential techniques to improve classroom engagement and generate reflective learning. 

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