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IA Tools and Technology
Saturday, 3:30 - 4:45
Session Three

Nick Finck
IA Tools and Technology

This session will focus on the kinds of technology you ought to beaware of to do IA. We will provide a set of concepts and the products that instantiate those concepts in the following areas:

- Information Modeling (preparing diagrams and specifications of your IA)
- Presentation (Formatting and laying out web pages)
- Information storage and retrieval (databases and xml structures)

We will attempt to answer questions that come up in real-world scenarios. For example, say I have a project, I hire an IA... they determine that we need to have a faceted classification system for the site's search engine... great, but do I have the technology in place that can accommodate such a classification system? If not, what are those tools? What works best with what solution, etc.

Panelists for this seminar are:

Andrew Hinton
Bob Boiko
Nick Finck - Moderator

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