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Teaching Information Architecture
Sunday, 11:00 - 12:30
Session One

Lynn Boyden
Teaching Information Architecture

Equipping practitioners for an emerging profession will always be a challenge: diverging opinions on the role and function of an information architect, as well as the multitude of fields that inform the practice of information architecture, can complicate the process of connecting professionals by means of a common knowledge base. This panel will examine the practice of teaching information architecture in a variety of educational settings, and how these contexts affect the goals, methods, and outcomes of the instructional process. After the panel presentations, a discussion of commonalities and differences will take place, with the goal of identifying successes and exchanging information on the process.

Panel participants:
Peter Morville, Moderator. President and Founder of Semantic Studios, and Adjunct Lecturer, University of Michigan School of Information.
Lynn Boyden, Presenter. Adjunct Lecturer, UCLA Department of Information Studies.
Chris Chandler, Presenter. Adjunct Lecturer, UCLA Department o
Matthew Fetchko, Adjunct Assist Professor of Communication, NYU
Eric Reiss, Presenter. Principal, E-Reiss, ApS, Copenhagen, Demank and External Lecturer, Copenhagen

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