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Information Architecture "Making Connections"
March 21-23 Portland, OR
Hilton Portland

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Mike Alexander

Employees' Experience Levels and the Relation to Usability in a Web-based Information System
School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin


Samantha Bailey Redesign Project - PowerPoint Presentation


Lane Becker

Managing Design Politics
Lane is a founding partner of Adaptive Path, a San Francisco based user experience research and design firm. Since 1995, Lane has guided numerous companies, from startup stage to Fortune 1000, in designing effective strategies for both creating and migrating business online.
As co-founder and President of Deepleap, Inc., an Austin-based startup developing contextual intelligence technologies for the Web and wireless devices, Lane was an outspoken advocate for building tools that enhance the user experience. Previous to this, Lane was one of the primary architects of's transition from a Usenet-based discussion and community site to its later incarnation as a consumer-generated product review site, since acquired by Lane has provided user experience training for such companies as Bank of America, Cathay Airlines, National Public Radio, The Washington Post, The United Nations, and Visa. Lane pursued his graduate studies in media theory and human/computer interaction at the University of Texas' Advanced Communications Technologies Laboratory (ACTLab).


Mark Bernstein

Hypertext Gardens, Architecture, and ia, Navigation and wayfinding in digital spaces - QuickTime Movie Presentation
Mark Bernstein has been active in hypertext research since introducing breadcrumbs in his 1987 ITCC paper. As chief scientist at Eastgate, he has overseen the development of Storyspace, Web Squirrel, and Tinderbox, and has published an influential catalog of original literary and scholarly hypertexts. He has published roughly fifty technical papers, including the influential _Patterns of Hypertext_ and the much-discussed ALA feature, "Ten Tips for Writing The Living Web", which is thought to be the most-linked essay in the long history of A List Apart. Bernstein has spoken at a wide variety of conferences, including the opening keynote of Hypertext 99.


Bob Boiko

Tools 0nfor IA
Over the last 12 years, I have been stuffing my head full of the design, programming, management, and content of content systems. From the first time I matched a printed user's guide against the capabilities of Windows 3.0 Help, to the last time I sat with a .COM client and discussed the impact of massive content management of the architecture of an eCommerce site, I have been living the transition from print to the computer screen. I've seen a ton of technologies and a slew of systems. I've learned enough to know that there is a lot to discuss and figure out. My thinking on what I have experienced has reached embryonic maturity and is now a book on the subject of content management. Now, I can finally explain to my company, clients, and friends what I have been babbling about all this time.

Jodi Bollaert

Making Connections with Techies
Jodi is a Usability Specialist and Information Architect at Compuware Corporation with over 6 years of experience collaborating with technical teams. She occasionally writes about usability for Compuware, IBM, New Architect and other venues. For one of her recent articles, please see "Using Web Widgets Wisely" at IBM DeveloperWorks ( ). Jodi holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Masters in Instructional Technology.


Lynn Boyden

Teaching Information Architecture
Adjunct Lecturer, UCLA Department of Information Studies.
Chris Chandler, Teaching Information Architecture
Adjunct Lecturer, UCLA Department of Information Studies.


Stewart Brand

KEYNOTE - PowerPoint Presentation
Stewart Brand is a pioneer of the electronic frontier and the founder of the Whole Earth Catalog, cofounder of The Well, and author of The Media Lab: Inventing the Future at MIT and, most recently, How Buildings Learn.
Smart Mobs author, Howard Rheingold, characterizes Brand as someone who "evolved into a legendary figure, historic even, who is, year in and year out, the most interesting and influential thinker I know."


Susan Campbell Navigation and wayfinding in digital spaces
Susan leads Information Architecture and Usability Evaluation at ZAAZ, a
web design and development agency in Seattle. An expert in human factors
and multi-media design, Susan brings a customer-centered approach to the
art of web design. Susan has over 8 years experience in information
architecture, interface design, and usability evaluation for a variety of
applications such as construction, commerce, education, entertainment,
finance, and medicine.
Madonnalisa ChanTools for IA
Madonnalisa Gonzales-Chan is the Metadata Services Manager at Stanford Graduate School of Business. Her primary role is to provide guidance on information management best practices for applications and websites developed at Stanford GSB.
Hsin-Liang Chen

Employees' Experience Levels and the Relation to Usability in a Web-based Information System
School of Information, The University of Texas at Austin


Fu-Tien Chiou

We Are All Connected - Architecture, Site Planning, Information Architecture, and People - PowerPoint Presentation
Fu-Tien is a senior information architect for Genex. A licensed architect with a post-graduate degree in environment & human behavior, Fu-Tien has transferred his user experience design methodology from traditional architecture and planning to the virtual environment. Fu-Tien has led user experience design and assessment for hardware, software, and web development. Projects have included banking, health care, automotive, manufacturing, start-ups, and corporate web sites. Clients include Citibank, Disney/ABC, CNN, Honda, Honeywell, LifeMastersOnline, Sterling Commerce, and Brown & Williamson Tobacco. ** Fu-Tien holds a B. Arch from Tunghai University in Taiwan and an M. Arch from Georgia Tech in the area of "Environment & Human Behavior". A native of Taiwan, he has a deep understanding of cross-cultural user experience. As a seasoned information architect and human factor practitioner, Fu-Tien has spoken frequently at professional conferences and academic institutions.


Andrew DillonNavigation and wayfinding in digital spaces
Andrew Dillon is the Dean of the Information School and Professor of GSLIS at the University of Texas, Austin. Having published 4 books and more than
70 articles on various aspects of human-computer interaction, Andrew serves
on the editorial boards of several leading journals. He recently edited a
special issue devoted to Information Architecture for the the Journal of
the Association for Information Science.
Bryan Eisenberg

Persuasion Architecture - Waiting For Your Cat to Bark
A principal and CIO of Future Now, Inc., Bryan helps companies maximize results by incorporating expert persuasion techniques into website design, email marketing, development and implementation. He is the editor of Future Now's award-winning newsletter GrokDotCom, and authors the weekly ClickZ column ROI Marketing".
Bryan holds a B.A. from Brooklyn College, CUNY, and is also an adjunct faculty member of Roy H William's Wizard Academy and co-author of "Persuasive Online Copywriting" and "The Marketer's Common Sense Guide to E-Metrics". He is in the process of completing three more works: "Waiting for Your Cat to Bark: A Persuasive Architect's Perspective on Why Your Perfectly Wonderful Site Isn't Getting the Results You Want" written in conjunction with partner John Quarto-vonTivadar, "Bubblegum Marketing" a treatise on keeping your marketing efforts from blowing up or getting stale, and a second book with Jim Novo "The Customer Equation."
A featured speaker at numerous e-business events both in the United States and overseas, Bryan's vision, insights and application of the principles of Persuasion Architecture have helped Future Now clients increase their conversion rates by multiples rather than percentages


Chris Farnum

Making Connections with Techies - PowerPoint Presentation
Chris is an information architect with 5 years experience. He is an IA at ProQuest in Ann Arbor, MI on a team to enhance the user interface for a collection of academic reference databases. Previously he was an IA at Argus Associates and Compuware Corp. At both ProQuest and Compuware, Chris has worked side by side with programmers to design, build and improve sites. Chris was also librarian at the West Bloomfield Township Public Library and holds a Masters in Information and Library Studies. Chris' speaking experience includes presenting a case study on a project for Egreetings at the 2002 ASIST IA Summit. For more on his writing, speaking, and experience please see -


Karl Fast

Metadata Harvesting - PowerPoint Presentation
I have spoken at Intranets '99, 2000, & 2001; Intranets East 2000; Online World '99; Intracom 2000, 2001, & 2002; and Web Builder 2002. I have also been an invited speaker at both Merck and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. My presentations have covered a wide range of topics relevant to information architecture and web development: content management systems, XML, information organization, and more.I was an information architect at Argus Associates, ActiveState Tool Corp., and Northern Lights Internet Solutions. I have worked on projects for Cameco, SaskTel, LL Bean, ActiveState, and, among others. I am currently a doctoral student at the University of Western Ontario. My research interests are information visualization and cognitive tools.


Matthew Fetchko

Teaching Information Architecture
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Communications, NYU, Interactive Telecommunications Program.


Nick Finck

Tools for IA
Nick Finck is a web design and development craftsman. He has been writing HTML since 1994. He is also the Editor in Chief of Digital Web Magazine. He has authored and co-authored many articles for A List Apart, The Web Standards Project, WebReview as well as for his own Digital Web Magazine. He has worked on numerous corporate sites including Intel, Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, HP, IBM, Norm Thompson and CitiBank. In his obligatory spare time he prefers to go snowboarding on Mount Hood.


Janice Fraser

Managing Design Politics
Janice is a founding partner of Adaptive Path, the world's leading user experience design firm. She teaches interaction design at San Francisco State University's Multimedia Studies Program, is a frequent contributor to New Architect magazine, and speaks at conferences internationally including Nielsen/Norman, Seybold, Fast Company, CMP Media's Web Conferences.
Janice has been at the leading edge of online design since pioneering consumer web applications for Netscape in 1996. With more than 10 years in high-tech media, her credentials include leading sites in the US and overseas, such as PeopleSoft, Intel, and PBS. She is the founder of four startup companies, and was previously managing editor for IDG Communications.


Anne Galloway

Representing Many Voices: Challenges in Government Site Design - PDF Presentation
Anne Galloway Consulting specialises in information and interaction design for knowledge networks, online communities of practice, and social interfaces


Jesse James Garrett

User Experience and IA
Co-founder of Adaptive Path, a user experience
consultancy based in San Francisco, and author of "The Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web". Since 1995, Jesse has worked on Web projects for companies such as AT&T, Intel, Boeing, Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, and National Public Radio. His contributions to the field of user experience include the Visual Vocabulary, an open notation system for information architecture documentation that is now used by organizations around the world. His personal site at is one of the Web's most popular destinations for information architecture resources.


Seth GordonSelling the Deliverables - PowerPoint Presentation
He has recently completed consulting projects for the Nielsen Norman Group and Razorfish. Visit him at, where there isn't a drop of content about user experience.
Adam Greenfield

Cross-Cultural Information Architecture: Lessons from Japan
Lead IA, Frontage-Razorfish, Tokyo; formerly Senior IA, DentsumarchFIRST, Tokyo; many public speaking engagements, including seminars in IA for Digital Eve Japan and keynoting the 09.02 Frontage business conference devoted to user experience.


Thom Haller

Information Overload: A Love Story
Thom Haller, the founder of Info.Design, serves as a teacher and user-advocate. In his work, he reminds organizations and individuals that it's possible to structure information with the user in mind. He's available as a teacher, a coach, a consultant, and a team-leader.


Margaret Hanley

Content Analysis and Modeling for BBCi and Making Connections with Techies - PowerPoint Presentation
Margaret is a business analyst for content and classification at the BBC, in their New Media Applications department. Margaret is currently leading a content audit for the BBC websites. She has worked as information architect on three continents for around 7 years, in such varied industries as telecommunications, consulting to Fortune 500 organisations, electronic publishing and media. In the last couple of years, Margaret's main aim in life has been to communicate with techies to actually get an information architecture implemented within content management and access control system. This has meant a lot of coffees, pints in pubs and exchange of ideas. Margaret's recent speaking experience include tutorials on information architecture with Lou Rosenfeld at the Neilsen Norman Group's User Experience Conference.


Andrew HintonTools for IA
Andrew Hinton an Internet obsessive since 1989, is principal information architect at Symetri where he works with a variety of Fortune 500 clients on developing optimal shared information environments using Web technologies. In a former life, he received an MA in Literature and an MFA in Writing, degrees which he swears taught him more about using technology than anyone would believe. He maintains a weblog at




Nancy Kaplan

Kids in the Mi(d)st - Presentation
Professor, Director, School of Information Arts and Technologies



Kim Laden

Information Architecture versus Visual Design: The Movie or When Worlds Collide:
Collaborative friction between information Architecture and Visual Design
Kim Ladin, Director of Information Architecture, Hot Studio, San Francisco


Brett Lider

Ontology Development and Relationship Modeling for Enterprises and Enterprise Websites - PowerPoint Presentation
Brett Lider has been the lead Information Architect for Cisco Systems's public website for the last two years, developing a navigation system, web application GUI standards, and a consistent templating system for the newly re-launched website, which among the biggest and most-visited in the world. He shaped the User Experience framework for centralized enterprise-wide data driven by user and business needs. Brett has also worked in the Entertainment and B2B verticals, reaping accolades from Forrester and a Webby nomination for his work. Brett is focused on aligning technology, business needs, and user needs to create meaningful user experiences.


Victor Lombardi

AIfIA Leadership Seminar and Teaching Information Architecture
Victor is an experience lead and information architect at Razorfish(, and teaches information architecture at the Parsons School of Design.


Michael Magoolaghan

"A Spirit of Simplicity": What Information Architects Can Learn from the Arts and CraftsMovement
Senior Information Management Specialist, The Board of Pensions of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)


Karen McGraneAIfIA Leadership Seminar and Teaching Information Architecture
As director of information architecture at Razorfish(, Karen has led the development of the information architecture, usability, and experience design disciplines for more than five years.
Kathleen Meter

Designing a Usable Intranet for Wachovia Bank - PowerPoint Presentation
Information Architect


Peter Morville

AIfIA Leadership Seminar and Teaching Information Architecture
Peter is president of Semantic Studios and a director of the Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture. As co-author of "Information Architecture for the World Wide Web" and CEO of Argus Associates, he played a major role in shaping the modern practice of information architecture design. Peter gives talks around the world on such topics as user experience, information architecture, and findability. His work has been featured in many publications including Business Week, Fortune, Macworld, MSNBC, New Architect and the Wall Street Journal. You can find him online at


George Olsen

IA as Conversation: It's Not Just What You Say but How You Say it - PDF Presentation
A co-founding editor of Boxes and Arrows, George is principal of Interaction by Design. He's done has done award-winning user experience work for dot-com start-ups to Hollywood studios, such as Disney, to Fortune 500 companies, including Nestle and Transamerica. During the past year he's spoken at: AIGA Experience Design I|O Conference, AIGA Experience Design Summit, Portland CHI-FOO, AIGA Experience Design EDDE Conference and Seybold. He's also led a full-day workshop at the I|O conference and co-led a workshop at the 2002 CHI conference.


Rick Omanson

Impact of Behavioral-based User Research on Site Design - PowerPoint Presentation
Rick Omanson is a User Experience Architect for User Centric, a usability and design consulting firm. Rick is head of the Information Architecture practice at User Centric and teaches a one-day course on the topic each quarter. Rick has also taught Information Architecture at DePaul University and Human Factors at Northwestern University.
Previously, Rick was Director of Information Architecture at Scient, Web design and consulting firm. Prior to his work as a consultant, Rick spent over 15 years in the telecommunications industry as a systems engineer, software developer, human factors specialist, and Web site manager.
Rick received his Ph.D. in cognitive development from the University of Minnesota. He has published 15 journal articles and chapters, presented over 40 conference papers and holds a patent for creating a linear experience on the Web.


Sanne Peek

Tax Services' Public Website in The Netherlands
Information Designer, Informaat, Baarn


Dai Pham

Using Personas and Scenarios to Guide the Site Redesign
Razorfish, Inc.


Alexandra M. Proserpio

Levels of Order in a Chaotic World: Using Verity's Intelligent Classifier to Create a Corporate Taxonomy for an Intranet Search Engine. - PowerPoint Presentation
Technical Library, Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque, NM


John Quarto-vonTivadar

Persuasion Architecture - Waiting For Your Cat to Bark
John brings a wealth of experience in synergistically melding business and technology concepts: formerly with NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, John holds a masters in astrophysics, and was a member of the Chicago Board of Trade's mid-am division before moving to NYC as chief technology officer of the Manhattan internet incubator, ICES.
John currently serves as CTO of FutureNow, Inc., writing a regular column in FutureNow's GrokDotCom newsletter.
He is co-author of both the Fusebox architectural framework and the best-selling book "Discovering Fusebox", John travels extensively throughout North America and Europe speaking and teaching about how technologists can learn to "suit up" to better understand business needs, and how CEOs and business owners can "speak geek" to truly leverage technology initiatives. His upcoming books, "Persuasion Architecture: Why Sites Sell" written with partner Bryan Eisenberg, and "A Rhetoric Of Persuasion Architecture" are both published by Techspedition Press.


Whitney Quesenbery

Designing a Search Interface - PowerPoint Presentation
I've been a frequent presenter at conferences like UPA, STC, CHI and commercial events sponsored by WinWriters, Solutions and Effortmark as well as many local meetings and corporate clients. I have worked in what has variously been called HCI, human factors, information design, interaction design, multimedia, interface design and information architecture. For most of my computer-based design career, I worked for Cognetics. Before that, I was a theatrical lighting designer; now I am the principal in Whitney Interactive Design.* My first experience with search was in a pre-web hypertext program, Hyperties, and then with half a dozen different search engines for library reference tools. There's something interesting going on out there, with people I would never have expected to use search practically demanding a search function on even small web sites. This was too good not to investigate. * I've presented parts of this work at the National Cancer Institute ( seminar series, an STC phone seminar and a few local meetings.


Eric Reiss

Teaching Information Architecture - PowerPoint Presentation
Principal, E-Reiss ApS, Copenhagen, Denmark, and External lecturer Copenhagen Business School, National School of Advertising


Celia Romaniuk

Content Modeling and Analysis - PowerPoint Presentation
Celia Romaniuk is an Information Architect with the BBC. She has over four years experience of creating user experiences for both content-rich and transactional web sites. Prior to joining the BBC, she worked as an Information Architect at KPMG Consulting and was Head of Information Architecture at Razorfish London. She has spoken at numerous presentations and workshops at board and senior management level


Louis RosenfeldAIfIA Leadership Seminar and Teaching Information Architecture
Lou was co-founder and president of Argus Associates, and co-authored
its leading text. Lou is an independent information architecture
consultant and currently blogs at

Dennis Schleicher

Making Connections with Techies
Dennis is an Information Architect at J. Walter Thompson where he works with interdisciplinary web teams on web marketing initiatives including Ford Motor's customer relations sites. Previously, Dennis was an IA with Argus Associates supporting their cutting edge information architecture initiatives on user research, ethnography, and usability. A wonderful example of this kind of work (which Dennis created in collaboration with Jennifer Kush) is the white paper "Retail Ecologies, E-commerce, and Information Architecture," presented at the 2001 ASIST IA Summit. It is available online at - Dennis' speaking experience last year includes a presentation at the Society for Applied Anthropology on cultural factors in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange, a network of B2B which predates the web) software diffusion in Mexico. Additionally, he participated as an invited panelist on the Web Site Design (Navigation/Architecture, Usability, etc) Panel at the Yaffe Center's 2001 Creating Effective Web Sites Conference. His background includes degrees and research in business and industrial anthropology.


Rashmi Sinha Ph.D.

AIfIA Leadership Seminar and Teaching Information Architecture, Navigation and wayfinding in digital spaces - PowerPoint Presentation
Rashmi designs, evaluates, and studies user interfaces for a living. Her background is in cognitive psychology. Currently she works as an
independent consultant. Her website is at


Jared M. Spool
PDF Presentation
If you've ever seen Jared speak about usability, you know that he's probably the most effective, knowledgeable communicator on the subject today. What you probably don't know is that he has guided the research agenda and built User Interface Engineering into the largest research organization of its kind in the world. He's been working in the field of usability and design since 1978, before the term "usability" was ever associated with computers.

Jared spends his time working with the research teams at the company, helps clients understand how to solve their design problems, explains to reporters and industry analysts what the current state of design is all about, and is a top-rated speaker at more than 20 conferences every year. He is also the conference chair and keynote speaker at the twice-annual User Interface Conference, is on the faculty of the Tufts University Gordon Institute, and manages to squeeze in a fair amount of writing time.

His latest work is as co-author of Getting Them to What They Want, a report about the best practices for designing successful navigation to content.

You can reach Jared by calling our office or by sending e-mail to

Jane Starnes

Knowledge Compass: Opening Windows, Punching Holes in Stovepipes, Forming Communities, Connecting People to People. - PowerPoint Presentation
Taxonomy Specialist Intel Library


Robert Stribley

Designing a Usable Intranet for Wachovia Bank
Information Architect


Kristen Truong

Making Connections with Techies
Kristen is the Lead Information Architect at Covisint LLC, a global business-to-business exchange for the automotive industry. She has 3 years of experience working in Internet consulting, information architecture, web application design, and automotive information technologies. Kristen's projects have continually involved a collaborative team including technical architects, developers, database administrators, and quality assurance engineers. Her work involves strategizing, designing, building, and implementing solutions such as the Covisint Portal, user administration tools, document management services, a messaging hub, an automotive quality engineering tool, and an industry directory.


Thomas Vander Wal

Model of Attraction - PDF Presentation
Thomas Vander Wal has been working to make a better world for the users of information since 1986, He has been professionally building the Web since 1995 using his formal education in comm. theory, organizational comm., and public policy to refine information architecture. Thomas is a Senior Technologist and Web Support Manager for INDUS Corporation in Vienna, Virginia. Thomas helped with getting Boxes and Arrows off the ground as is on the Leadership Counsel of AIfIA. He spoke most recently at SXSW 2002 on a Review panel for professional sites.


Amy J. Warner Ph.D.

PowerPoint Presentation
For more than fifteen years, Amy J. Warner has practiced, taught and researched the organization of information. A former associate professor at the University of Michigan School of Information, Amy is an expert in bottom-up information architecture, controlled vocabularies, and metadata and thesaurus design. She applies these skills to create coherent, effective information environments on public Web sites or corporate intranets.
As a consultant, Amy has worked with Fortune 500 companies, the U.S. government and several academic institutions to develop controlled vocabularies and site indices and evaluate the effectiveness of existing thesauri. Another of her specialties is the integration of thesauri with search engines and content management systems. She draws on her teaching background to provide on-site training in thesaurus construction and indexing methods.
Before becoming a consultant, Amy was Thesaurus Design Specialist at Argus Associates. Prior to that, she was an associate professor (with tenure) at the University of Michigan School of Information


Richard Wiggins

The Accidental Thesaurus: Enhancing Search Precision through Manually-Selected "Best Bets" - PowerPoint Presentation
Richard Wiggins is an author and speaker specializing in Internet topics. Wiggins has written for IEEE Computer, Searcher, Library Journal, New Media, Internet World, and other publications. He serves on the editorial board of First Monday, a peer reviewed e-journal about the Internet. He is author of the first book on Web publishing, "The Internet for Everyone: A Guide for Users and Providers" (McGraw-Hill, 1995). Since 1993, Wiggins has lectured and trained at a wide variety of conferences and events in Michigan, nationally, and internationally. He appears as a regular guest on WKAR radio (NPR in East Lansing) answering questions on computers and the Internet. He also has produced training videos and co-hosted a television program. Wiggins has interviewed numerous Internet pioneers, including Vint Cerf (inventor of the Internet Protocol), Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the Web), David Lytel (first White House Webmaster), Brewster Kahle (WAIS, Alexa), Michael Mauldin (Lycos), Larry Wall (PERL), and Sherry Turkle. Wiggins currently serves as a senior information technologist in the Computer Laboratory at Michigan State University.


Lisa A. Wishard

Levels of Order in a Chaotic World: Using Verity's Intelligent Classifier to Create a Corporate Taxonomy for an Intranet Search Engine.
Technical Library, Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque, NM


Simon Wistow

Programming and Ia or "How to Stop Worrying and Love Your Techies"
Simon Wistow is a programmer for Yahoo! and has previously worked in fields as diverse as games, embedded devices, mobile R&D, and advertising. He has given talks at conferences, panels and workshops on subjects ranging from Perl and Macromedia Flash to music and games - all in a vain attempt to try and dignify his various hobbies and interests. He lives in London with his IA girlfriend.


Jason Withrow

The Psychology of Information Architecture - PowerPoint Presentation
Jason Withrow is a freelance Information Architect and teaches classes on information architecture, usability, and web design at Washtenaw Community College in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His background includes Master's degrees in both Psychology and Information. Prior to entering the teaching field, he worked in industry as an Information Architect at an Ann Arbor web design firm. He has given presentations and case studies at previous IA Summits.


Alex Wright

The Sociobiology of Information Architecture - PowerPoint Presentation
Alex Wright is a writer and user experience architect who has written extensively about science, technology and design. He has led projects for the Internet Archive, Harvard University, IBM, Adobe, Macromedia, Sun Microsystems and others. Alex's writing has appeared in New Architect, Harvard Magazine, Utne Reader, Design Times, Yankee and Library Journal, among others. He has lectured at UCAL-Berkeley, the Institute of Design, Chicago, and the University of Richmond, and has presented at Internet industry conferences including ASIS&T, Seybold, Web2001/Web2000, Creating for the Web, the AIP, and numerous IBM conferences. He holds an M.S. in Library and Information Science from Simmons, and an A.B. in English and American Literature from Brown.




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