ASIS&T IA Summit 2003 "Making Connections"  
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Selling the Deliverables
Sunday, 11:00 - 11:45
Session Two

Seth Gordon
Selling the Deliverables

Sometimes the easiest part of information architecture is actually solving the business problems and creating the schematics and other supporting documentation. The real challenge is communicating the solution to the client and/or the internal team so that they understand and can approve the work. This can be especially difficult when you don't have an IA counterpart on the client team, but rather have to deal with different interests and agendas with the organization.

We will discuss:
* Setting the content for a presentation,
* Appropriate levels of detail to present,
* what key points to make during a presentation,
* Tips on keeping discussions focused and on track,
* How to field and answer questions when time is limited.

This ties in with the 'Making Connections' them by helping IA's better connect with clients during presentations. Participants, especially those with new client-facing roles, will leave with improved knowledge of how to improve client relations

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