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Scent of a Web Page: Getting Them to What They Want
Saturday, 3:30 - 4:45
Session Two

Jared M. Spool
Scent of a Web Page: Getting Them to What They Want

You work hard providing top-notch content on your site. But will users find it? If they don't find it, all that effort is for nothing. What can you do to guarantee users find the content they've come looking for?

In this entertaining and informative presentation, Jared Spool will show the latest research in how designers control whether users find their content or not. He'll show how sites do better when they prevent users from needing the search engine. He'll also show how exposing the site hierarchy can increase the success of the user.

Jared will show you the secrets behind successful designs from Lands' End, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, and the BBC. You'll see sites where users who say they always use the on-site search engines didn't even notice when Search was missing. And you'll see how to best use lateral links, bread crumbs, and next and previous. All based on up-to-the-minute research on how actually users navigate sites.

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